yomagic not keeping his words

Feb. 15th Saturday
I sent yomagic a pm saying I’m interested in buying some Gambits from him. He suggested buying 3 of them and he’ll give me a discount. I told him I can’t pay until I get my paycheck next week, but I’ll definitely buy 3.

Feb. 21st Friday
I got paid so I contacted yomagic.

Now this is a give and take deal.
I make sure he gets the full amount, and he make sure he ship it the next day.
I quickly sent payment, following his instructions.

Feb. 22nd Saturday
No pm from him so I asked him if he shipped it.
He said he didn’t ship it because he was busy,
will ship it the first thing in the morning on Monday.

Feb. 24th Monday
No pm from him. I told him I was wondering if it’s too late for a refund,
but no need to refund if he already shipped it.
He says

I’m thinking okay… too late for refund. Does that mean he shipped it already?
Did he not ship it again, but doesn’t want to refund that $200+?
If he already shipped it, he could have just said “I already shipped it.”
I sent him another pm, asking if he shipped it today. No reply yet.
I have a feeling he still didn’t ship it.

I just wish we both simply keep our words and follow our deal. I did my part and he’s not doing his part. When you don’t keep your words, that’s a deal breaker for me. If he failed to ship it the second time, I don’t feel like giving him a third chance. I’m really not feeling it for his yoyos anymore. I want my refund, he’s saying too late. It’s not too late if he’s not keeping his promise and they’re still in his room. May I ask your guys’ help to bring justice to this issue?

Thank you,

Just to play Devil’s Advocate for a second…

The transaction happened Friday night. Too late for shipping.

Saturday would have been the day to ship, but he communicated that he was too busy. Now, I’m totally on your side here-- he should have shipped it Saturday if at all humanly possible. But let’s admit that life is not always perfect and there could have been some rather important obligations. Many businesses (including the venerable CLYW) do NOT ship next-day and reserve the right to ship within 3 days.

Sunday there’s no post.

Monday you asked for a refund.

That’s not really a lot of patience, especially since he held them for you for a week in good faith. I’m not here to justify his actions or anything like that, but the timeline doesn’t strike me as a panic inducing “I’ve been screwed” kind of timeline.

The Gambits are great yoyos. If the issue is resolved with shipping them to you, I suggest you give them a chance. Take a deep breath and allow people to be human beings with priorities that might not include rushing to a post office if it interrupted a family gathering or other important event. And then love your Gambit… coz it’s a good one. :wink:

Some post offices like mine are not open on saturdays

Yomagic will be good for it, he is the most stand up guy I know on this forums.

There must have been a mis-communication.

Thanks guys. It’s not a patience problem. I can wait for a yoyo coming from Indonesia. It’s about doing things you said you will do. If you can’t, be sincere and explain what made you not able to do the things you promised to do. Not just, “I was busy.” I am a forgiving person. That’s why I gave him a second chance, regardless of what the reason was. I don’t think he shipped it today though. If he did, his communication skills aren’t that great. He didn’t say he shipped it.

Thanks for hearing me out guys. I’ll learn not to believe in people’s words too much.

By too late, he could be like me and simply prints the label on line and puts it in the mailbox, and he simply wasn’t quick enough and missed the mail man. I don’t think you waited long enough to take this to the forums yet.

I really don’t think he held them for me because they were still available on his online store.
In fact, they’re still available there at this moment.

According to what Pertyo provided so far, there was a confirmed breach when the items were not shipped the next day (Saturday). Once you make a deal, any failure to keep your word about carrying out the terms of the deal (including a shipping timeline) is a breach. When there is a breach, the non-breaching party has the right to get out of the deal (get a refund). Pertyo could have requested the refund Sunday, and pulled out of the deal. Instead, he waited to see what would happen on Monday.

Pertyo stated that he made it clear that if the items were not shipped on Monday, he wanted a refund. Unless he gets proof of shipment Monday, he qualifies for a refund, if he still wants one.

I react to things the same as Pertyo. If someone breaches the deal, no matter how small it may seem, I may activate my right to pull out of a deal and undo it entirely. I have done it. Pertyo has to wait to hear from YoMagic though, because he may have shipped it Monday. If he did not, or cannot confirm shipping, he should grant the refund, because Pertyo wants out of the deal. He has that right if he chooses to undo the deal…based on the first date to ship (Saturday) passing.

The one big issue I see with all this is a moral one, not contractual. If YoMagic was indeed nice enough to hold those Gambits for a whole week, and forego other sales, until Pertyo got paid…that was definitely a kind gesture. Given that nice gesture, if it was done, YoMagic would deserve the same kindness and favor about a minor few days shipping delay.

It is unclear if Pertyo’s suspicions are legitimate. But, communication has not been ideal under the circumstances. Based on YoMagic’s trading reputation, I am confident he will respond.

Just so you all know.

He is from Hawaii and I am from Pennsylvania. Two completely time zones and while he is awake I am asleep. So him waiting for replies is going to happen.

I’m quite surprised that he would make a thread about me. I did nothing wrong. Just because I typed “it’s too late”. What crime is that? Tht meant I shipped it already and it was too late for a refund. Nothing more nothing less.

I was nothing but nice to pertyo and even held them for him for over a week even getting other people offering to buy some of them. I even gave him a discount for buying three just because he wanted two silver ones. I went above and beyond to help him out.

For him to make a thread about me is IMO immature and too quick to judge. I tried to get it out on Saturday but had some real life stuff come up as that happens sometimes. I told him I didn’t get to it and would Monday.

There was no word breaking. Getting things out Saturday is hard due to only being open a couple hours. Plus it’s been TWO DAYS SINCE HE PAID ME and I shipped. He paid Friday I sent Monday. How am I not keeping my end of the deal?

So yea that’s what I have to say about it. I’ve done hundreds of trades and haven’t seen someone try and call someone out without having a valid reason. He’s calling me out because I said too late. That’s weak. I’ve helped this guy out with holding and a large discount and he’s goin to try and call me out on shipping a day late and saying too late.

So yea that’s really all I have to say about it.

Oh and the fact that they are on the store was just my fault. I forgot to take them off the store. I have to do it manually and it slipped my mind completely.

I’ll be honest, this sounds a lot more like OP has buyer’s remorse than something going heinously wrong in a transaction. Failing to ship on a Saturday when some post offices are closed (and as far as I know, none are open past noon) is probably the most minor BST offense possible. If he didn’t ship on the 24th then I would be sort of annoyed but it is what it is.

Even ignoring that yomagic has a great reputation as a trader/seller, yoyoer and person in general online, posting about an “issue” the very first business day after you’ve made payment when you’re not even sure he didn’t ship is extremely premature. There are kids here who wait a month to say “gee…do you think maybe he didn’t send?” when they have 100% been ripped off, so seeing a thread like this so soon after sending payment is very odd.

At this point I think you have a right to be mildly (very mildly) disappointed in yomagic’s shipping etiquette at worst. I’d be slightly bummed too, but I wouldn’t even consider bringing this “issue” to the forums at this stage, and I’m the kind of person that would burn the world to the ground to either get what I paid for or get my money back.

typed that out before yomagic’s response. On a scale of 0-100 with 100 being the worst offense, the fair amount of anger/disappointment for OP to be feeling here is about a .01 imo since the yoyos weren’t shipped Saturday. OP is certainly allowed to be as disappointed as he wants but this was not even close to being forum worthy.

Knew it /\

Doesn’t matter where you’re from. I sent you a pm because you were online. I got a response from you, but I wanted more info. I immediately sent another pm. You were online for another hour or so and logged out without replying to my 2nd pm.

It’s not a crime. Just doesn’t meet my expectations. I think “I was able to ship it today, so no.” is a better reply than “Yea too late.”

Giving me a $25 discount was nice of you. I don’t think you held them for me though because actions speak more than words. You didn’t adjust the quantity available on your site. I told you if you can update the stock for me so people won’t put it in their cart and buy them. You said it’s already updated, which you didn’t change the numbers at all. If someone happened to send you the money, would you have gave him the refund and said it’s on hold? Some people offered to buy them? You mean the ones that I wanted? You’re a man, Joey. Thank you for turning down their offer. Can you tell them to contact me so I can sell it to those guys?

If you knew shipping on Saturday is quite a challenge, you should not have said you’ll ship it tomorrow. Especially because you’re a busy person. “I’ll try and ship it tomorrow” or “I’ll get it out soon whenever I get a chance.” is a much better response. That way I would have expected you would take some time to ship.

It was unfortunate the post office is not Saturday friendly. Otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.

Going through a tardy shipping issue myself as I type, not on my part.

If you get paid then ship, simply put. If you can’t or are not sure as to the next day putting it in the mail then let the person know. “I will try to get it out tomorrow but if not definitely the next is that okay”?

All that needs to be said.

Oh okay got my math wrong lol but either way gave a discount out of the kindness of my heart when I didn’t have too. I see that was a mistake of kindness.

I was clearly in a rush when I responded to your message too. I usually would’ve written it out and explained further but I must’ve been busy when I responded

Guys… Go back to your corners, the yoyos are shipped and Magic’s paid.

Let me know if something else happens, i’m going to eat lunch.

yomagic, you should bring some proof for us before you say things here.

You really think Hawaii and Pennsylvania is 3 hours apart? We’re 5 hours apart. I sent my 2nd pm around 2pm my time, 7pm your time, right after I received your pm. I usually don’t send pms at 10pm my time. I know majority of you guys in the US are asleep already.

I clearly stated to update your stock so nobody can put them in the shopping cart.

Anyway, I’m just simply explaining what’s going on. If you feel I’m trying to bring your reputation down, blame it on your actions. You may be surprised of my actions, and so am I.

It wasn’t a mistake of kindness, Joey. I appreciate it. I waited an extra 2 days so it should make it even now. If you didn’t give me a discount, I wouldn’t have bought any from you most likely because I only do 3A.

We should just stop responding to this post. It’s really going no where.

May I have a tracking number if there is one?