Anybody else read the disclaimer saying that this is not available unless you buy the other 2. I was on the fence at getting one because the price point is nice and its responsive and all that jazz. But to only allow you “the right” to purchase it if you spend another 150 on 2 of their other products seems a little crappy. So basic math says, if you want a moonshine you have to spend 200$ on yoyos even if you have no interest in the other 2. That seems a little greedy IMO. I am thinking you will start to see a lot of the jack and expedition on BST shortly. What do you all think?

This is by no means saying that i won’t buy or enjoy both company’s products in the future.

Yes sir…I read the same post maybe and it seems to be true…doesn’t surprise me from CLYW W/Chris & Steve at the helm…and a YYF collab…oh my? What next?

I heard it was a last minute decision from YYF. They’re very limited, and the Basecamp site has already sold out of the Bronze color, and they’re not going to make them again.

I’m confused. I just bought the moonshine from their website and I didn’t have to buy the other two.

just checked the YYE webite here and they are on sale now and they look like you can purchase individually…so I guess its not true…only some sites?

Oh I see, didn’t even know they were on sale at yye haha. If you go to the moonshine you can’t buy it individually here.

Moonshine is not for sale individually, only available with the full set. These are the retail instructions provided by the manufacturers.


If this set came with a free Garrett bobble head I would probably order 2 sets!

But it doesn’t … so I won’t order any.

if only… . . . . .

We’ve already had to answer for this in other places, here’s the response for the benefit of people here:

We didn’t make many Moonshines and never planned on making more. We honestly made it entirely for ourselves, because Ben, Chris, and I wanted a responsive metal yoyo that fit in our pockets, and we figured we would sell just enough to justify it and the rest would trundle out eventually. Since the other two models in the initial Basecamp line were really “performance oriented” we wanted something that was just dumb fun. So I gave Chris the profile and he came up with the inner cup design and we all patted ourselves on the back and said “Ha ha it’ll never sell” and we made it anyway.

We were not expecting this strong of a response, at all. We’re more than a little surprised. We’re still not planning to run it again, but holy crap.

The reason for making it part of the bundle deal was that we did the same thing at Worlds, threw in a mug, and people LOVED IT. We had a ton of people buy full sets, and specifically thank us for making full sets available. The Moonshine did better than we expected on it’s own, and once we got back from Worlds and counted everything up we realized that we were almost out of them. We didn’t have enough to go around because we never thought the retailers would want them in the first place. So, we improvised.

We (CLYW) have been actively trying to make our line more “player friendly” lately with better pricing and plastic models, and we’ve gotten yelled at for it every step of the way. People take great pleasure in pointing out that we used to be exclusive and now we are not. So we thought “Hey, let’s throw the collector’s a bone here and make sure they are taken care of. We had a great response to the full sets, we don’t have many of these left, so let’s make them available only in full sets and make sure that our collectors who weren’t at Worlds have a good shot at a full set.” That is literally 100% of the thought process that went into this, Chris, Ben, and I all said “Yeah, that works” and then we got everything off to the retailers and got back to work on other things. We have lots of other things to worry about. This didn’t seem like a big deal at all. Not much stock? Make it a package deal. Problem solved. On to the next 50 things on our to-do lists.

If we’re guilty of anything it’s underestimating demand for something that we made on a lark and essentially backing ourselves into a corner with it. Was it shortsighted? Totally. Was it a malicious cash grab intend to tick people off? You’re assuming we thought about it that much. We really didn’t. We were all tired from Worlds and just trying to get these out the door and figured “Yeah, that seems like a fair way to deal with a tiny bit of inventory” and moved on.

I can totally understand being disappointed and irritated with us on this one. We bungled it a bit, and totally deserve that. But assuming it was a malicious decision on our part, or a cash grab (did you notice how cheap it was? We didn’t think it would sell if it wasn’t!) is pretty far off base.


I bought all 3 colors of it, would’ve paid double for them, but I’m sure you guys will get more money from me in the future ;D

It’d be great to see more “interesting” yoyos like this (yoyo’s you usually don’t see often) in the future, even if they’re limited runs.

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Steve, i hear what youre saying. I myself would just buy a moonshine and while i know that does not greatly change the volume. knowing that your company makes quality products, there will be dissapointed fans out there who will miss out on a moonshine becuase they do not have the need for 3 new throws. Either way, keep making great products! Maybe add a few more moonshines to the next batch in production :slight_smile:

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Steve, the vocal minority doesn’t speak with their wallet so hopefully the sales should speak for themselves!

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Basecamp is all about friends and fun, so rest assured we’re going to do some more weird, fun, silly stuff in the future. I hope it’s all received as well as the Moonshine, which we priced super low because we didn’t think it would sell, lol. :wink:

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I’m not saying they wont sell. I am saying that it wouldve been nice to be able to purchase one. I get the demand is higher than expected, thats a good thing. Im hoping theres another run in the future or as steve said, more fun stuff that we have the chance to jump on at at lower entry point than $200.

STeve, thanks for the response and all of the good info!

If you were at Worlds you could’ve gotten it there for its own price.

Or if you just order it direct from the basecamp site.

Man, I feel lucky that I got a bronze moonshine. Of course, I did stalk the site until they dropped.

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Wouldn’t it make more sense to let retailers sell them individually since they were already sold on the Basecamp site and at Worlds as individual yo-yos? Not that it is necessarily the case, but this comes off as adding an undo burden on the retailers since they have to play by an extra set of rules that were not present when the yo-yo was initially released to the public.

I know I am disappointed that I cannot pick one up on its own. Life happened and i was unable to attend Worlds so I did not get a chance to pick one up. While the other two look great, everyone is making contest centric, performance yo-yos. Not everyone is making yo-yos that appear to be a spiritual successor to the Flying V, which is what I am on the hunt for.

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The Moonshine is not a spiritual successor to the Flying V.