New basecamp yoyo!

Saw this on instagram! Thought I would let you all see it!

Looks awesome!

I was wondering what was gonna be the whispered about replacement for the Moonshine. Interesting…

Can’t wait, money is ready.

My big question is how it’s made? Is it assembles like the Pure, or is it solid?

That is my thought! especially considering its only 64g’s… My thoughts are its hollow :o

My guess was similar to the Pure. Looks like they did a great job with the seam!

I’m a buyer.

Looks awesome but I wish it was a bit lighter

Looks fantastic, definitely picking one up.

How much lighter?

There is no wrong answer.

Just wondered what the ideal (to you) final weight would be.

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12 grams.

A most excellent answer!

Although I stated that there is no wrong answer to my question; There are without a doubt more realistic answers that could be considered within a functional range.


Not really sure to be honest, but I like to play these guys responsive. With more weight I seem to have a hard time controlling the returns on stall tricks. Seems like any mistakes I make are amplified with more weight. I got a used moonshine off the board and it came to me unresponsive. Threw it for a bit that way, unimpressed, and then changed bearings. For me that really brought it to life, but even at 61g I could have used less. Still love it though. Might even prefer it over the V. I think I’d like to see a modern responsive metal at 58g or so. As a disclaimer, I like to stall the snot out of responsive yoyos. I can totally see the weight being a plus for folks who like to push the trick limits with responsive yoyos.

will it be better as an unresponsive yoyo? the moonshine was more of a 2a metal and unresponsive play was not the best on this but unique. my question is if this new basecamp yoyo will be better for unresponsive play than the moonshine.

Disagree with the 2a, but definitely better as a responsive player.

Looks promising, the coffee color is sweet!


I agree that for responsive play, 58 grams, or even a bit less would be really attractive. STMs are also easier with a lighter yoyo… Also an A-size bearing would better, or at least I would prefer it for responsive play.

My guess, is this one is focused a bit more toward being a fun, unresponsive pocket throw.

As a side note, I guess no one can buy a Moonshine on YYE until they get more Expeditions in stock?

Yeah, it’s assembled similar to the pure, you can see the seem when you look closely. Really fun yo-yo!

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This should be the focus of all yoyos :slight_smile:

This one looks like it’ll be a blast! Can’t wait to try some responsive finger spins! ;D

As far as I know there are no more Moonshines available via retail. They gone. (correct me if im wrong, but isnt this why the Sherpa exists? people loved the moonshine so much but they didnt expect the response (no pun intended!))

Incorrect…there are moonshines available in all 3 colors via retail.