Basecamp, YoyoFactory x CLYW, What Did You Buy?

As you know YYF and CLYW have done a collab and come up with Basecamp Yoyo, 3 yo-yo set. You can buy Jackknife and Expedition separately, but you have to buy both to buy Moonshine. If you were one of the first 40 to buy the set, you got a free Basecamp mug. I bought mine from YoyoExpert for a chance to win in the wristband giveaway, but no luck this time. :’(

So, I’m curious:

  1. Those of you who chose to buy a Basecamp yoyo, which one did you choose?
  2. On what basis did you choose which one to buy, and what sold it for you?
  3. If you tried all three, which one is your favorite of the bunch, and why?

I threw all of mine, and Jackknife is my favorite of the bunch. It plays fast, and has that concave cool looking cup design. That’s the one that suits me best. But, I think it has some of the same feel as Expedition. I think Expedition has just a tad bit more float to it, but it’s not like one of them is heavy and the other light, so they are not drastically different that way. Expedition has that A+ blast finish, and the blue color I got looks amazing. So, if you want the faster throw with the concave cup design, go Jackknife, and if you want that blast and a tad bit of float mixed in, go with Expedition. Moonshine was super fun, and unlike anything else I have in my collection. It came with extras, because it came with a small bearing in it. So, you get a longer axle and large bearing for it too. I prefer to play it with the large bearing, and when I want it more responsive, I just do that double loop around the bearing and presto! So, I doubt I’ll be using the small bearing in it.

I’ll be bumping this with some photos of my set. But, find me on Instagram where I’ll be posting them there first. Great job on the collab! I’m hoping they add more yo-yos to the Basecamp lineup in the future. I’m not sure if that’s the goal, but I sure hope so.

-5000 G.

First, the packaging (more photos to come): by Total Artist, on Flickr

I’ve been throwing the Jackknife and Moonshine lately. I think the Jackknife has the performance that suits me best, but I love how different the Moonshine is. Hitting a difficult combo on the Moonshine is just so much more rewarding! by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr

I have a Moonshine coming. I have been looking for something that gives me the same play as the Flying V and it looks like a close match.

I am curious if more Moonshine players are playing it responsive or unresponsive. I will probably do a bit of both when mine comes in.

I got the blue jacknife and so far I am loving it. I keep going between it and my dugong manatee but man does the jacknife fingerspin well! by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr

^ Lookin’ like a penny!

And, I’ll be back with that knife for ya. 8)

Moonshine. Gonna buy another or trade for one later on. Mostly throwing it unresponsive with a center track. Can’t get over how much I like this Yoyo. The weight is perfect for it, it’s excellent.

Copper Moonshine. At first I was upset that I missed out on Bronze, but I just love the way the Copper looks. I’m sure I’ll try it unresponsive at some point, especially hearing that some folks really dig it that way, but for now I’m only interested in responsive play for this yoyo.

Hey TA, is that the Bronze or the Copper Moonshine?

Either way, those pics are awesome. The coloring in your pictures is always spot on and I am trying to figure out what I am in for when I get my bronze one in the mail.

That’s a bronze version, but I was also feeling the copper, so I had to buy one of those too. I don’t have that one yet though. Thanks. Jack Knife pics I promised: by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr

seafoam moonshine. should be here early next week!

All together now. 8) (left to right) Jackknife, Expedition and Moonshine. by Total Artist, on Flickr

Now, you have to give it to YYFben2, cause he’s so on the ball. :wink: This was recently posted to @YoyoFactory Instagram: by Total Artist, on Flickr

I was somewhat interested in a Moonshine, but I just learned about it moments ago. Late to the party, per usual. I’m not going to buy 2 other yoyos just to get one I want, and the Moonshine is sold out on the Basecamp website. You win some, you lose some. Great photos. Enjoy the new throws!

(Good news is that the Marquis and Executive are on their way!)

I got the jackknife. I love the feel of the yoyo, I’m just not into the sub par quality of yoyofactory. Keep in mind this is my opinion only, but I think clyw should not done this with yoyofactory. Bad for their image.

The Executive can’t get here soon enough ;D

I got all 3 I’m super excited​:grinning::grinning:. Hope I get a mug :+1:

I just ordered the Jackknife along with a Salmon Yeti 2 and Yeti-White Yeti 2. Looking forward to trying it out. The Jackknife bears some resemblance to the Chief. I was really attracted by the weight. I love the feeling of a 64-65 gram throw.

I was super stoked when I heard of this collaboration between two of the most awesome companies out there. I didn’t have a chance to buy all three at once. So I started with the Expedition because I really liked the shape and finish. It reminded me of the Manatee and Supernova combined. I think it was the bead blasted finish that sold it for me. I now have the other two in the collection coming soon. I had to buy another expedition to get the moonshine, but it’s all good. I just got another color. :grinning:
And now that I see how much TA likes the Jackknife, I can’t wait to try it out. But I have to say, I am really looking forward to throwing the Moonshine around. I like to get back so some of the basic tricks that a responsive Yoyo offers. Plus it’s design looks like it may offer a new challenge. Overall, I am very happy to see this collab. I too hope to see more designs in the future, as well as sick colorways. :+1:t4::heart:️ Thanks TA!