Yoyo factory * Clyw collaboration?!? {merged}

Did I hear this correctly? My two favorite brands making a yoyo together? :slight_smile:

Yesshhh!!! :grin:

I’ve started to realize yoyoing is easier when you don’t have money to spend on it…

:smiley: Yes

Does anyone know any inside details about the base camp yoyo?

Sadly no :grimacing:

I heard it’ll be round.

Wow! Really! It’s great to get away from all of these square yoyos.

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NO WAY. Yours is square? Mine is a triangle. XD

Srsly tho hyped

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Looks very good.  That Slim Line  ;D  I’m ready for it, have some dirty bearings ready for it if it’s not already responsive ;D

Do you know anything about that slimline yo-yo?

Nope, but I still really want it :smiley:

The Basecamp is the one with the axle nub? What are the other two?

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Basecamp is a “brand”, they haven’t really named what their calling there yoyos. 3 so far have been previewed.

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These all look really nice. Most exciting to me is actually the Moonshine. I hope my impressions are right that this is designed as a yoyo geared toward responsive play, rather than a beginner yoyo to “graduate” from.

Had a friend pick me up a Moonshine this morning, cant wait for it to come in. I’m 99% sure that I’ll ordering a second. One I’ll keep responsive with the slim bearing, the other I’ll keep responsive with the large bearing ;D

Cant’ wait to hear all about it!

I’ve been looking for a narrow unresponsive metal like this. I play wood for responsive, but if I end up trying and enjoying responsive metal play and the price is reasonable, I might consider getting a second. Cool!