MonkeyfingeR CONSPIRACY!


CONSPIRACY THEORY? Not anymore. This is a CONSPIRACY REALITY! Introducing the second team-built yo-yo from MonkeyfingeR Design – THE CONSPIRACY!

A complete departure from their first team-built model, the Tri-B, The Conspiracy was built to meet the ever evolving needs of the MonkeyfingeR team. They wanted a yo-yo capable of taking on the highest level of competition and that’s exactly what MonkeyfingeR delivered! The Conspiracy has a fast maneuverable feel in play with a comfortable feel in the hand. It pushes the limits with a massive catch zone, powerful spin, and impressive stability through combos.

As the latest MonkeyfingeR release since the PixelApe, The Conspiracy has been a long time in the making, and it does not disappoint! Available in a variety of stunning colors that MonkeyfingeR is known for!

Releasing 11/30 @ 9PM EST!


I always find it interesting to learn which colorways are the most popular when people lay down their cold, hard cash for a yo-yo. So far, out of 10 originally remaining per colorway…

  • core – 4
  • d52 – 6
  • kikazaru – 4
  • raptor – 2
  • tiger – 8


Raptor is the one I would get if I could afford it. I love bright green.


That is the one I picked too but I assumed other colors would be more popular… wrong!


I’ve always been a fan of their kikazaru colorway.


Raptor colorway was by far the coolest for me which is why I swiped the first one right as they dropped. It is currently the only sold out color now; so glad I jumped on it when I did. I thought the core would be the most desired one, but I guess dinosaur love is strong in the yoyo community.


Not a thread hijack… But a question to get more details about why you choose a color?

Do you guys think you choose a color way more for how it looks in a still pic? Or by how you think or know it will look when it is spinning?

Over the years(on multi color yo-yos) I have noticed some colors look great in the pics. Yet look pretty blah while spinning.

That’s one reason I really like YYE including the spinning pics of the yo-yos.

Let’s say; you really don’t care for ‘purple’. But you really Love a blue/pink fade. You buy one. Then you throw it and the spinning yoyo becomes a nice bold purple! Hahaha🤓

…So; is your color choice more a result of the stationary pics or how the color looks spinning?

Because unless you display yo-yos or just stare at them; most likely you will spend more time seeing their spinning color than their motionless color🤔


The raptor has the most complex ano (in terms of execution) out of the bunch, if I am looking at them correctly. That’s probably why. Kinda funny because I know their ano jobs don’t appeal to everyone but I have more of an issue when it comes to their shapes. Don’t hate them, just don’t love most of them. The recent ones are better imo


Sort of, unless you treat the yo-yo as EDC — and especially once you start owning 10 or more yo-yos — I would argue that statistically you’ll see the non-rotating form more.

Update on stock!

  • core – 4
  • d52 – 4
  • kikazaru – 3
  • raptor – 0
  • tiger – 6


So… your contention would indicate that an EDC yoyo would be seen more often in the non rotating form.

Maybe by other people; if you wore it in a place where others could see it.

But if you leave the house wearing a yo-yo; unless you walk around staring at the yoyo; I seriously doubt you would spend more time viewing it in still form.

And EDC(every day carry) by definition; does not specifically identify that the person is toting the yoyo around where it can be seen. It could be in a pocket. Or in a backpack. Or somewhere else no doubt.

And why would you say ‘statistically’ When nobody is compiling statistics on the matter?

…And why does owning more than 10 yoyos have anything to do with how you choose a color?

I bet if you ran into a talking toaster; you would argue about the statistical breakdown on which bread slices brown the best without burning.

And since I have about 1000 yoyos; I would consider myself in the more than ten club…


I think his comment was meant to sound more like “Unless you treat the yo-yo as EDC, I would argue that you’ll see the non-rotating form more.” He put a comma after Sort of instead of a period so I read it the same way you did at first. Haha.


And I choose color by what it looks like still.


Update on stock!

  • core – 2
  • d52 – 4
  • kikazaru – 1
  • raptor – 0
  • tiger – 6

I really thought the purple one would be more popular.


You mean this one>


Am I the only one who thinks all the other colorways besides the core are messy. (I actually like the purple one but it’s still messy)


Just got mine in the mail, and I dont agree. Not messy at all. At least my Raptor colorway isnt. Really well done; busy, but very clean and nice.

I nerded out and posted a pic with some of my Jurassic Park novels for the heck of it. Pics dont do it justice though. Spins a nice natural looking green.

Link to some other pics I took.

(ClockMonster) #17

MonkeyfingeR yoyos all come with their own flowable silicone response pads, and they sell it in a tube, but what are the options if one doesn’t want to flow silicone? Can they take standard 19mm slim response pads (without modification)?

(Ken) #18

I have the same Gundam figure lol


Good question! I am assuming the answer is yes, seems kinda crazy to me to make a yoyo with intentionally non-standard response pad areas in this day and age… maybe @YoYoExpertGarrett knows?

(Justin ) #20

I chose the Core colorway because I’m a sucker for red and black, not even thinking about how it looked when spinning. After I threw it for the first time (it spins into an amazing dark red), I think I started to think more about how yoyos’ color change as they spin. It’s now a semi-important factor to me if I buy a non-solid colorway.