MonkeyfingeR CONSPIRACY!


I don’t think the MFD response is slim pad size, but I’ll take a look when I get into the office tomorrow.


Usually if they are pouring silicone, the OD flow groove pad is gonna be the way to go (if you can’t confirm otherwise). Still 19mm (I think), just not the “slim” pad


Yeah, OD Flow Groove Pads are 19mm pad dimensions, but thicker. I think the MFD response groove is broader than 19mm pads, but I’ll check tomorrow to make sure.


Just checked a Conspiracy - Definitely not 19mm pads. I’m 90% sure Snow Tires will fit, but cant be 100% unless I remove the silicone… And I don’t want to re-silicone a brand new yo-yo lol.

We’ll check with Ray to get a definite answer.


Only 1 “core” color left. Everything else is sold out. I’m surprised how fast those tiger colorways went since they were the least popular the whole time!

(André Boulay) #26

Just wanted to update everyone here. Quote from Ray at MonkeyFinger himself!

If people don’t want to use flowable the CLYW snow tires fit no problem!

So there you go! Snow Tires are a good solution. :blush: