Anyone else super excited about DragonSlayer APE-X?

I saw that on the facebook page and I was like…Im selling all of my possessions to buy you…

Yes. That sounds Great to me.

The Ape-X is one of the best playing yoyos I have ever owned.

It is one of those yoyos that a lot of people just don’t pay much attention to, until they ‘try somebody else’s’, and then they are Amazed how well it plays.

I am only ‘guessing now’, but I think the Ape-X is sort of overlooked for a few reasons: 1- it does not fall into the current V shape trend, 2- it is/was not over hyped to the point people felt/feel compelled to buy one or be left out and 3- people just don’t have money to buy everything ‘they think they might like’.

…The Ape-X in Dragon Slayer simply means I just found out I am still 1 Yoyo short of a full Collection, lol.

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The reason why I loved monkeyfingeR was the amazingly unique throws like the evil yo and Lesula.
The Ape-X seems super Blah to me (but I’d happily be proven wrong! As I do love monkeyfinger!)

They really outdid themselves though, its not like any dragonslayer colorway i’ve sen before i mean its got a actual dragon head that leaks out into the splash, its so perfect :o

Heard nothing but positives, in fact some of the strongest praise i’ve heard of a new release in a long, long time.

They’re truly at the top of ano design. It’s glorious.

when do you think will the Dragon Slayer colorway drop? If at all?

They’re definitely going to be sold at YYE, they were posted 2 weeks ago on Facebook, so assuming they get packaged up and shipped quickly they should be at YYE any day now.