which monkeyfingeR

which monkeyfinger yoyo should I get
I want a yoyo whith

smooth play
long sleep time
and a wide whith


I added lesula


It’s so cute :slight_smile:

Gelada is the most normal and my favorite of them all. The forte is super fun and the ape-x was ok. Not a fan of the evil-yo or lesula.

Definitely not the Evil Yo, I was very disappointed with its performance >:(

Since we are talking about monkeyfingeR, has anyone put up a review of the APE-X yet? Im really intrested in it but not sure.

Apex is nice. I think highspeedyoyo.com made a review

They haven’t.

I’m working on it. Took NYE week off to be with my family. :slight_smile:

How long?

Not this weekend, hopefully next weekend.

I want lesula for it’s shape
i will probobly go whith the apex

Ape.x then gelada

Evil yo

For speed I’d say gelada because it goes fast pretty easily and is easily maneuvered, it is also smooth and stable to some extent. the Ape-X is super smooth and stable it’s an overall good yoyo but I felt that you have to push it to go fast and once it gets there it’s hard to control , the Lesula is bizarre in shape and if you get hit while playing fast it hurts a butt ton. It fits all your criteria but it is a hazard in my eyes ( got four stitches because it hit my thumb).

kinda want lesula ;D

What.? They do not make any more lesulas because I wanted one in mint :frowning:

Sounds like a Lesula based on your preferences