Reach Your Potential With MonkeyFinger’s APE-X

Introducing Ape-X, the newest primate inspired throw in the MonkeyFinger line!

The MonkeyFinger crew created this new design from scratch, drawing on all their experience over the last three years to ensure an amazing competition level throw. And the Ape-X isn’t just another run of the mill high end throw. This yo-yo has been engineered to be the predator apex of of the yo-yo world! An unparalleled monster that has evolved to peak performance and is ready to dominate any competition that comes its way!

MonkeyFinger carefully placed the rim weight of the Ape-X to give it amazing spin times and balanced it to create unmatched maneuverability and speed! The Ape-X is super smooth, fast, unbelievably floaty, and even though it weighs in at 68 grams it feels light and playful at the end of the string.

The Ape-X is available in three very cool looking genetic mutation strains! O-Rang-O-Tangus Flu, Blue Baboon Bacillus, and Green Gorilla Gallionella! It’s time to stop monkeying around and reach your true potential with the amazing APE-X!