monkey finger


any users out here in yyexpert land have experience with this company?

thanks in advance,


(WildCat23) #2

Solid stuff. As good as any other company out there.


The Ape-x is one of my favorite yoyos. It’s in the top 3 for sure, based on the fun factor, for performance it’s pretty good but not really meant for it.


Good friends with Michael montgomery since he’s a local and love the gelada. Co Lab was a little heavy for me but was very unique in feel. The forte is crazy stable which is what Mike wanted and the Ape-X is probly their most popular throw for good reason since it performs so well. Lesula was terrible though and I don’t like the evil-yo either really.


I have a Gelada 1 and love it
for sure one of my favorites and by far my best looking throw!

I however DO like the lesula and evil yo

MonkeyFingeR is great because of their crazy designs (while still having tame ones) and fantastic ano work
Can’t go wrong