MFD live steam, new throw, give aways and MORE!

Hey guys MonkeyfingeR Ray here. Well we thought we would start a nice little thread. allot of you have been sending us input and asked if we could create a thread for interaction. Sooooooo we will post up any of the latest new and offerings from MFD and do our best to answer any questions any of you may have about the items we create.


So recently we were asked to produce a Kendama for a friends Kid. This is what we came up with. Turned out coolio!!

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Looking pretty!

Not sure how many people would be into it, but I think a wooden throw with that stain would be fancy. Add a ball bearing maybe! :slight_smile:

I think that kendama is “bananas”.

Very nice looking kendama! Make some for us?

I like that Kendama. And your splash jobs.

If you don’t make any kind of kendama for the public, I might cry.

I have absolutely no interest at all in kendamas, but I can say that if I did have an interest I would buy that kendama over any other. It is by far the coolest looking kendama I have ever seen.

not yet tried a kendama yet, but this thing looks awesome

I was wondering if your tool could get out knots in the string

yes sir

OK, well we have finally made it and a big Phew. Tomorrow the Forte drops. Its been a super grind to get this bad boy ready to rock and roll. Below is a bunch of pics of the Forte. Designed by Mike Montgomery this has pro written all over it.

This is what you get!!
Fully custom box, designed for display not to just toss in the corner. Inside the box you’ll find your throw. The Forte comes in 3 different colour ways upon release. Ratrod, Choptop and Deuce Coupe. You will also get a single throw carry pouch to protect your new throw, it also attaches to your belt if you want to carry your throw with you. You’ll get a sweet triangle MFD sticker in the bottom of the box and cool brochure displaying everything we make.

Now that is packed full of goodness!!

Thanks everyone, have a great day.

I really love that green/purple/grey colorway! How are these going to be priced? They look amazing!

That orange and blue…

Look man, I don’t mean to sound rude.
I quite encourage the new style etc.
But asking large manufacturers constantly and relentlessly, in that begging manner will not get them to make a yoyo for a style about 3 people play.
It would be highly costly, and would not give them any benefit.

Your best option, go mod an off string to be unresponsive.
Or go mod a yoyo with rubber rings.
Buy please, I’m getting really tired of seeing you post about this, in manufacture threads, and every singleQ/A thread.
I didn’t mind it at first, because I knew you were enthusiastic.
But seriously its getting ridiculous.

This would also be a great time to let you know that your fav store YYE will have them in stock July 31 at 9:00 PM Est.

Watch the DROP!!!

here are a few vids putting the forte to work.

They are 125 each.

Any specs? :slight_smile:

Specs are up here on YYE. My question is which specs are correct, on the drawing or on spec list?