Show off your MonkeyFinger ReturnTops

Not sure if this exist, I searched and nothing came up.


I was gonna pick up one of those but that colorway is all sold out now :(, MF makes some sick return tops, would love to see some evil yos in here too!!!

I love this one. If you ever get the chance, pick one up!
“Ghosted” Gelada… So cool…

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Lesula by gregpettit, on Flickr
Lesula In Hand by gregpettit, on Flickr

How does it play?

It plays fast, light, and fun! It’s very smooth, and although (naturally) heavier yoyos with larger diameters will typically be more stable, it’s a stable throw for its size and weight. Certain tricks are made easier due to the nutty catch zone, but there’s a warning: if the string hits TOO close to the rims (ie. your technique is extra sloppy or careless) it can be knocked off-axis. You should TRY at least to land the yoyo with correct and accurate technique instead of letting the catch zone compensate for you.

The lightness is what I’m loving about it right now. You still get a strong spin and good play time, but it never starts to feel like it has overstayed its welcome on your finger.

I’m not much for grinding, but I couldn’t believe the finger grind. As you can imagine, it has a very different feel on the finger during that kind of grind due to the unique profile. The finish has very thin “grooves” to it to reduce friction (even finer than the ones on the Capless) and they seem to work.

Does the width get in the way for complicated tech?

You’d have to ask someone who knows complicated tech. :wink: The most complicated thing I did was this thumb whip to GT thing that required a long hop on a short string.

It’s not a wide yoyo, though. It just looks like it from the photos. Because it has a small diameter and a huge catch zone, it gives the illusion of width. But it’s no wider than any other yoyo I own. Forgetting about weight and profile (ie. thinking ONLY of diameter and width), it’s almost the exact size as my Wrath.

I would imagine (and I can only imagine cause I don’t know), the thin rims would help it get between strings.

Looks nice, may have to pick one up. Does it hurt coming up if it has too many rpm’s?

In a word, “yes”. :wink: It doesn’t have to (I’ve caught a few high speed ones with no issue) but it can (nailed a thumb knuckle with one particular catch).

Eh, if it is all catch zone I could see it getting in the way. Horizontal?

Sir, you give me too much credit.

Wife saw the Gentry Stein Cal States video today and said, “Whoah, what was THAT one?” (“one” meaning a name of a trick; she doesn’t necessarily understand that freestyles aren’t necessarily known and named tricks).

“Um… I dunno… he was playing horizontal.”

“Cool, can you learn that?”

“Tell you what… I’ll get started by seeing if I can learn a Banana Turnover. We’ll go from there.”


Yeah, I’ve actually practiced it a LOT and I still can’t get it. I just don’t have the knack.

Would be pretty cool to do one for the Old Folks battle!

like any trick its not hard once you get the motion down. try doing it at an acuter angle. then gradually growing angles. and voila!

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