MFD next release and my Re-Entry

For those who are active on the forums have probaly noticed my account has been inactive for the past month or so. Some events lead to me having an extended vacation from work and I was very active on these forums, but now that I have returned to work I have been having a very rough time balancing work and yoyo, I have had little time to throw let alone be active on the forums. Looking for a way to find a more healthy balance between the hobby I love and my demanding line of work I was very happy when MonkeyFinger contacted me to review their next release. As a lot or you know I reviewed and held a giveaway with MFD’s last “and very successful” release of the Ceasar, and they were very happy with the job I did and wanted to bring me on board for this release as well. And I see this as a perfect opportunity to try to find a good balance between work and play  ;D

As with my ceasar review I want the community to be active in my progression with this review, as of right now this throw does not have a name, but the prototypes are made up and a full release is aimed for May. Feel free to use this thread to post updates on this throw as they are released, I’m expecting this release to be very successful as MFD throws have become very sought after.

I have very little info on this throw as of right now, the most I am able to offer is a sneak peak at one of the prototypes. These videos of MFD Ray showcasing some of their products include one of the prototypes for this release, the ano job is amazing “as always” and it looks to have a very promising organic hybrid shape.

Feel free to keep this thread updated with news on this release and let me know if there is anything particular you want to see from me in my unboxing and review!

Here are the videos that include the Proto-Type

It feels good to be back and have this account active again, help me find this balance I’m looking for!!!
I desperately need it lol.

i already want one for review purposes

Lol well, I gave my Caesar away and was never able to grab another one, putting me into MFD withdraw.So unless some Ebenezer Scrooge stuff goes down and I get visited by ghosts and what not idk if I’m going to be as giving this season lol.

rattling of chains creeping up your stairs

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Lol that’s about it. But we will see how this goes and what kind of support I get. Maybe we can work something out :wink:

I need this, and I just started a 2syy addiction as well. I really need to get a third job :’(

I have been wanting a SPYY Addiction V2 for a loooong time. That was my very first sought after throw…

i think he meant 2 sick yoyos, but spyy is always conversation worthy.

carry on. ;D

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Yeah, I did mean 2 sick yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: my iPad deleted “started a” from the sentence

I would love something from 2sick too!
I have had my eye on Xcube for a while.
Next time I have 2 bills to drop on a throw I will prob be picking up a Teh-Yo
Havnt heard much about it but I don’t really care how it plays
I will prob just display it
In a glass case with lasers and $h1t lol

I just shipped off a code 2 argonaut, and am waiting for a 7075 Gambit in return. Plus they’ve got a bimetal coming out that looks amazing. All I know is I can’t wait to round off that collection.

I think next time I have money to spend, I’ll either hunt down a Gelada 2, or another 7075 from 2 sick yoyos… Probably the queen.

Ugh, but I want an aftershock too ;D

Looks VERY good. Especially the colorways, I’m really digging the MFD colorways. Thanks for those giveaways, hopefully you can do some more when you have time  ;D

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You can’t go wrong with the gelada 2!
I can’t wait for this new release, it looks likea very simple design coming from MFD compared to extreme designs from MFD like the CaesaR, and altho I loved the ceasar I am a sucker for simple Oish-shapes like the gelada 2

I find myself really enjoying extreme shapes actually :stuck_out_tongue: rounder throws like the octave 3 and the chief are super comfortable and play great, but I just love a super pronounced H shape, or the Caesar shape, etc…

But I have been finding myself really enjoying rounder shapes these past weeks. I think looking at older yoyos is getting me all nostalgic for a time that I didn’t even think about playing anything except halo: ce with my middle school buddies

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutley love extreme shapes, but as far as an everyday throw I really want something versatile, and in my opinion no other shape offers the versatility that an O shape does. I’m not talking O shape with steep walls tho, more of a modified O like the Cheif or gelada

Yeah, I get what you’re saying, and I tend to agree, but my edc throw is actually the n12. The rounded v shape isn’t as comfy or chilled as an o, but it gives performance closer to an extreme shape just more comfy, like an organic

Plus that $16 throw plays like a $50

Right on bro, the N12 is my main counterweight throw

I’ve been meaning to learn 5a. I might have to buy another n12 to give it a shot, lol

I recommend starting with a plastic, you will be dropping and smashing off of walls a lot in the beginning lol

Lol, will do