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First Impressions
Okay, so I really don’t like to toss a lot of opinions around until i have had sufficient time to play with a yoyo. But some of you guys asked for first impressions so i am going to try and deliver “without saying too much”. I am going to break this down into 3 categories
(+)Plus- things i really like about this throw
(N)Neutral- things I am not crazy about
(-)Minus- Things i really don’t care for

(+)WEIGHT- I love the weight of this throw, it gives you all the benefits of a heavy throw while still remaining nimble and fast on the string, it really wants to be pushed as hard as you can,
(+)FINISH - This finish on this throw is amazing way beyond just the beautiful colorways. i can say without a doubt this is the best grinding surface i have ever felt (this is part because of MFD amazing ANO process and also because of the BUFF that comes pre-applied)
(+)HORIZONTAL- If there has ever been a throw built around off-axis play the Caesar is it, It was able to tackle horizontal tricks with ease that i have had a lot of trouble executing with any of my other throws

(N)RESPONSE- Out of the box my Caesar was actually quite responsive. There is a few reasons why this is. Firstly the bearing came over lubed which was the main reason for this problem. But also their new string is rather thick, which accompanied by a somewhat small gap did not mix well. But overall this is not a deal breaker for me and can be easily fixed with a small bit of maintenance and or break-in period. But I will say with the gap size and higher walls that i really recommend you use a lightly lubed centering bearing in the Caesar.

(-) I am going to have a hard time explaining this one without visual aid
If you look at the Caesar you notice its walls has a very extreme curvature, Almost coming to a complete U shape, and the bottom is almost completely horizontal. Because of this the Caesar sometimes does not make the most smooth landing onto a taught string. You can feel the string get a little caught up on the inner wall before fixing itself into the gap. But i will say that overall i do not find that this has an extreme affect on playability.

Overall i find the Caesar is an extreme competitor in today market and an big win for MFD. Honestly my other throws have been getting extreme neglect since obtaining one. And i know i had some less than positive things to say about this throw, But I like to stay creditable. If there is something that even bothers me a little bit about a throw i will always be sure to share it with viewers. But the positive outweigh by a long shot. I would never recommend something that i wouldn’t spend the money on myself, and I am positive that as soon as i give this Caesar away i will defiantly be spending the $102 to get one myself " and in the silver-back tiger colorway"  :wink:

Orginal Post
So monkey finger sent me the Caesar today, and it should be showing up soon [shadow=red,left]ITS HERE![/shadow]. This throw does not get released until dec 15th so I’m pretty stoked to be getting one.ITS RELEASED!  And to celebrate this new release I am gonna straight give it away! When I get it in the mail I will do a formal unboxing, play with it for a couple weeks to get a good opinion, do my full product review, and at the end of that review I will include the details how you can enter o win this throw! (It will be something like subscribing to my channel and leaving a comment) But I will be keeping this thread updated with links so everyone can stay I informed of the progress and have a chance to win the Caesar!

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Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

gonna try for this

Updated for unboxing

Checked it out. I’m glad you did the U boxing because I WILL be getting that tiger color way ;D ;D. Anyway, the shape was so weird I really wanted to see it a little better and this vid helped. Enjoy playing it. Btw how did you happen to get one early?

I talk to Ray , he’s a real cool guy.
He wanted me to help spread the word about this new release.

yay we finally know wat the gap looks like

SUPER Excited For this!

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I’m pretty sure this is going to have to be my first MonkeyfingeR Design throw. Those colourways alone are enough to make me want one. But, the shape looks very interesting also. And, the Snot and String look very good to me also. Im very excited for your review, but I think I’m just going to pull the trigger and order one on the 15th. Thanks for the unboxing video, looks like they hooked you up real nice!

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subscribed my friend, that laurel crown is probbably my fav colorway fr this right now,i do like that gladiator though,good look on the vid my friend and the giveaway

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Yeah Ray defaintly hooked up up with some good extras.
Which was really cool of him when you consider I don’t get to keep the throw after reviewing it. Defaintly going to have to buy one for myself ;D

Thanks for the subscription!
And all the colorways are stunning, but my personal favorite is the SilverBack Tiger
And not just between the 5. It’s one of the best colorways I’ve seen period.

Moody, I know you want to play with for a full 2 weeks before a review. But can you please share any tidbits about it? Like how you like it compared to other MFD Throws so far. Or, have you even been able to set it down since you received it? Is it just awesome?

Sure man, I will attach some condensed first impressions (pros and cons) sometime tomorrow!
But to answer the direct questions you asked
-it is really hard to compare the Caesar to any of MFD prior throws. This is their first throw aimed at being a strict competition return top, so it really puts the Caesar on a level of its own.

  • I have not been able to put it down!
  • and it is awesome!

XD i bet it is awesome,just ray and the guys there have always been on a nice relaxed like throw or something you cant believe is even a yoyo,so to see them throwing down a comp yoyo is gonna be something one ofa kind beast to the rest of their work.cant wait to try one!

You guys are really going to like this yo-yo. I have not been able to touch anything else since I got it!!!

As promised
“but slightly delayed”
The first impressions has been added to the thread

thanxs for the first impressions buddy, happy that you delivered on your word and atleast giving us a pro’s and cons fr now,i was wndering about those gap walls,but i tend to enjoy throws like tht,you have to have that precise aim for complete contact or you feel alil tilt begin to happen,but one thing i love about those Round V/H shapes is that if you come up with the right combo wththe right tricks at the right time, you an get it back on axis with ease. and make a seriously long combo.
yet again thanx for the small review for now buddy.

-Ken 8)

I’m sorry to break the news to you but I got your silverback tiger color way being sent to my house as we speak ;D. Couldn’t wait for your reviews. With what you said and what monkey finger suggested, I might just acetone the beating right out of the box and put my fav kitty on it right away. Stoked to get this throw, especially since it is gonna be my last throw I buy till next March. Thanks for the reviews man.

Killer review! I dug it a lot!

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