MFD live steam, new throw, give aways and MORE!

I was wondering the same thing. I’m almost positive that it is the picture stats. No way it’s 1.7 wide.

My eyes hurt.
Looking at the forte it looks like 58dia 40width to me.
And reading the 53dia by 42width(I think, I don’t quite remember) it just. My mind hurts.

I know it has a 36mm width, and I think the diameter is around 55-56mm.

And Chop Top looks amazing.

It’s on the new releases page it’s 56mm diameter and 36 mm wide :slight_smile: Looks AMAZING!

Ahhh well. Not I feel dumb xD
I can’t wait to eventually play em!

The specs you said were for the Evil Yo…

Dude. . . really?
No one makes yoyos for sub styles your just going to look dumb posting this all the time.

Hey, are you guys ever going to be restocking your other throws? Like the Lesula or the Evil-yo…

Yes, we need more Evil Yo’s

I heard that they are not making any more lesulas or evil you.

awww…Well hopefully there’ll be more models coming. I really want to try a MF.

Aw dont worry try the geladas they are really nice. Exceeded all my expectations, changed my opinion on light yo-yos.

Lesulas yes, evil-yos no. With their new custom ano program you can get a lesula, a gelada or a forte.

Yay!! but such a shame about the evil yo’s. How come they are not making more?

Actually, I was mainly looking at Lesulas ;D

You wont regret getting a lesula
They are great but the sharp rims feel extremely strange

Yeah, I heard that. But it’s just so unique…

Very unique indeed my friend.

So has anyone tried the Forte…?

Yes, It plays like a bvm just more sharper and a little bigger.