Throwers guide to Kendama (giveaway concluded)

So Orginally my idea for this piece was going to be more of a begginers buyer guide type deal. But considering I have quite a few kendamas made by yoyo companies I decided to tweak it a little bit to be directed more towards throwers, to give choices of Kendamas to buy while still supporting your favorite yoyo companies. I know you will think this is in the wrong section but once you watch the video you will realize it is very yoyo relevant. This video features 3 kens made by yoyo companies, and one that is a Kendama company that just started making yoyos, I also showcase their brand new throw that was just released yesterday.
Giveaway same as the caesar for entry simply Like-subscribe-comment
But this one has a timeline instead of a number.

Fair warning, I took multiple takes trying to get it downsized but this video just really wanted to be long lol

Also guys I just heard from kaleb Kendama , and they offered to replace my sidekick pro if I want to hold it in a giveaway. So if this goes good there is gonna be another yoyo up for grabs :wink:

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The giveaway chances, I like.

Liking the videos even more man. I’m definitely looking at one of those rasta marbled sidekicks! He’ll, at that price I may buy a couple different colors.

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The wooden sidekicks are only $8. They fixed axle, but the string is weird on them, instead of wrapping around the axle they drill a hole and put it thuurgh the axle, so it is suuuuper responsive. But I just put it on the right way when I got it so it works fine now. Sleepes supringly long and loops really good.
Btw- they also have sets that come with a sidekick and a ken in matching colors, with a kendama holder, strings, and two of these super random Kendama erasers lol

Got my second sidekick pro. So the blue one will be up for grabs shortly :wink:


I have just attepted to respond toa few comments but was unable to reply because the users were not subscribed. If your name is drawn and you are not subscribed you will automatically be forfeited. I hate to That to anyone but this is an absolute nessesity for the process. So if you are not 100% you subscribed I recommend you double check.

I entered

Tomorrow night @ midnight.
Enter now if you want in ;D