Kendama Yoyo Edit

Made this today in my free time hope you all like it! I’m sponsored by KendamaCo and this is my Sourmash painted Pro Model off of the website. I’m using a CLYW & One Drop Summit for the throw! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice !! ;D

Ah, Gus Carstens. I knew who you were right when you came into frame. I’ve been trying to become familiar with the kendama community lately. :smiley:

Anyway, nice! Of course, your kendama stuff is all crazy. Yoyoing is coming along nicely too. How long have you been throwing?

Love it! Really want to get a kendama one of these days.

Nice game on both Gus,
killing it is as always,
would be sick as you landed the no look UFO :slight_smile: