Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works Kendamas


Hello everyone
Awesome news.
I just logged into Facebook and to my excitement I saw a bunch of awesome posts by CLYW including some really awesome Summit colorways and something a bit more shocking.

CLYW Kendamas! What do you guys think? I know I am getting one for sure.


I was hoping for splash colorways on them >:(

LOL just kidding. I may have to get one.


CLYW, dominating skill toys one at a time


I am sooooo getting one of these!!! once i get the money, they are mine!!! muhahahahah


CLYW Kendamas!?!?!?!

I need this.


Caribou Lodge Kendama Works?


I know right? I’m excited. I’ve been looking for Kendama’s, not knowing which one to get. I now know I will wait to get one of these.


i will be excited if these will be in yye


I find this hilarious. If they put the CLYW logo on a rock you guys would buy it.


This was a quote from

“CLYW only had a handful of these made…no word on release date or price yet, but they’ll most likely be available direct from the CLYW store and possibly a few at YoYoExpert. A great side project from one of our favorite companies!”

Here, you guys can read the actual little article here:

(Jerrod) #11



Would you by a cinder block if CLYW said it was "Concrete Blizzard?


Only if it comes with a KK and Type X strings. :wink:

Too funny :smiley:



(Jerrod) #15



Personally, I’d rather buy a Kendama from a well known and respected company and throw a CLYW sticker on it.


CLYW kendamas kind of made me laugh. If there is nothing to make them different or superior to other kendamas on the market, why pay for a logo?


Most kendamas today are pretty much the same in regards to design, there may be a few slight changes to weight balance and paint, but nothing too radical. We really don’t know the price either, so we can’t evaluate them on that.




This looks dope! For sure gonna add one to my collection (if the price is right)