Hey throwers, My name is Robby and I’m new to the BST here (posting wise, I used to surf the BST all the time when I threw). Sadly I have lost interest in yoyoing and picked up kendama. I just find it far more fun, I’m not sure why. But I have 3 throws for sale. ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN WITH A CANON T3I DSLR (For those less camera savy its a very nice camera) PM me for more details or alternate offers. It may look a tad sketchy because I have no feed back but I can assure you I’m not here to scam yoyoers. I’m here to pass them on because I’d rather someone enjoy them than me hoard them and collect dust. I’ll do cash in mail or paypal. I’ll also trade, ONLY FOR KENDAMA AND KENDAMA RELATED STUFF. You must pm me detailed pictures and a description, they must be from a smoke free home (Sorry but I don’t want smoky smelling damas) and you must send first. I HAVE THE BOX’S FOR ALL THESE THROWS. These throws have come from a smoke free home and will come with 5 FREE Kitty string 1.5 strings. I have more if requested, 1 dollar for 3 strings. If you have any further questions or if I don’t get back with you quick enough DO NOT hesitate to email me at, I always have my iphone on my so I can respond to emails faster than PM’s. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you’re interested in my throws!

I have put it up on eBay, here is the link! :

Unfortunately all my photos I took could not be put on here so FOR MORE PICTURES VISIT MY FLICKR HERE:

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