FS/FT: CLYW, One Drop, YYF!!!

I’ve got some throws up for sale. I’m really only looking to sell, but I may consider some trades. Some of these throws mean alot to me, so i may be more hesitant to sell. They are all listed as “Offer.”

Also, if you are going to offer a trade, I will almost always shoot it down unless it is a CLYW. Sorry, just preference. Feel free to offer up though :slight_smile:

Throws for sell:

-CLYW Campfire. 2 VERY small marks. Super fun yoyo to have. This one is going to be hard to get from me because well… its a campfire. OFFER!!!

-CLYW Chief. Red W/ Clear Splash. MINT CONDITION!!! One of the newer runs, considering the colorway. This one is 65.5 grams. OFFER!!!

-CLYW Bvm2. Grey W/ Green Splash and Clear Speckles. Has a few small non-feelable marks. Great Throw. OFFER!

-CLYW OG Avalanche. I believe its Blue Matterhorn. It is brown with Blue Splash. Has Three SUPER small marks. One of my favorite throws. Probably not gonna sell it, just putting it up to see if someone wants it bad enough :slight_smile: OFFER

-One Drop Gradient. Crime Scene Edition. MINT. Same as the Avalanche, not really looking to sell because I love it so much, just looking for really good offers.

-YYF Supernova. I got this signed by Tyler Severence at 2014 Nationals, which he won 5a. Has marks all around. Still plays nice. OFFER.

Thats it! Im just posting a general picture of all of them. Of course, if you want more detailed pictures, just PM me and ill be happy to send them.

hey ill trade a dv888 for the rally

you need to PM people not post in their bst’s

plus no one would ever take a dv888 over a rally.

bump. Bring me a Bassalope/Campfire!!!

Would you be interested to trade your bvm2 for my gnarwhal 2 fire blizzard plus 20$?

please pm me

Bring me my wants!

Oh! That’s your listing! I was already watching that one. What’s the condition of the Ayce? Any vibe?

Has like 3 scuffs. NM and smooth as butter.


You need to learn how to be more polite and not so rude…

Can we stop posting in this bst please?





bump. New Throws Added