UPDATED: Thinning the herd... CLYW Chief, YYJ, YYF, C3, One Drop.....

UPDATED MY BST, looking to clear some space… USA Only… Right now I’m looking to SELL (not trade)… I will ship for $6 (that’s priority with confirmation)…

PM me with a solid offer and I will respond (offer not including shipping)… please, no more offers to trade multiple sub-par throws for one of my NOT-sub-par throws…

All my throws are mint (if there’s any flaw to be found, it’s a factory thing… I don’t see any)

trade by miketheturtle, on Flickr

Top to bottom, Left to Right
CLYW Chief (Blue w/Orange Speckles); YYJ Vigilante (blue); YYJ Dark Magic II (purple), YYF DV888
1st (production) run One Drop Cascade (unengraved); Yoyoffice Aura; C3 Halo (delrin); Crucial AYCE
One Drop Cafe Race (dark brown); Spyy Ronin (black/blue acid wash); YYF Popstar; 1st run Square Wheels Royale (red is noire) ROYALE IS SOLD

chiefs by miketheturtle, on Flickr

I have TWO CLYW Chiefs - Blue w/orange speckles and a Yogi… I’m only looking to let go of ONE… whichever gets me the best offer is the one I’ll let go of…

I’ll gladly send pics to serious offers

Had some guys say they were in… they’ve disappeared… so it’s bumping time

I don’t have pics, but I’m considering adding a mintSPYY RONIN (blue acid wash) to the list…

Also have a mint Aoda Sunshine (blue) w/ hub stacks…

If you need a pic before I get to posting them just pm me your email and I’ll send them…

do you mean thinning the herd??

nah, just trying to get things quiet… :wink:

Want the Chief… Pmed

If you’re going to make an offer plan on following through with it, or don’t bother

For the record - I am not interested in Supernovas or trading down - you want the Chief? Do not offer me a throw that’s under $150…

I’m looking to sell more than trade… I’ll only consider a trade if it’s equal or better and on my want list…

Added a want to the list - Ten-yo Drop Bear


I have a MIB Drop Bear and a Not Mint Avalanche (very close to mint with several pin pricks). Would you be interested in either of those (and some cash) for your Chief?

Chief for 60?

would the chief for 120 sound good to you?

is the code 2 and chief still for sale?

Yes, PM me with offer

im interested in ur chief i can buy or trade i have a sasquatch and a miggy 2 campfire and a big deal. plz respond

PM me with an offer

I’ve updated my original post… new pics, new throws… for sale…

ROYALE is sold

bump… and if you’re going to make an offer, make it reasonable and stick to it (don’t try to talk your way DOWN from it)…

hit me up for an offer

An offer for what?