Updated 9/19 FT/S: YYR,CLYW,OD,YYF & MORE LF: CLYW, ILYY, YYR, G2 Offer Whatever


Offers not in my wants list will have to be in my favor for me to want to accept, Ill make some exceptions but the more you go towards the higher end throws the less flexible I will be.

Wants List:

CLYW: CONFETTI & Bip Bop Colorways ANY CLYW!!
Puffin 2, Marmot 2, Bonfire, 65g Chiefs, H5XChief if good deal!
FG: Any As Long as Smooth!

Draupnir!! Laser, Attune, Fragment, Uragment, Sleipnir (no silver), Blink, Mr Butcher

ILYY: Any that I dont have! Prefer candyblasted ones, mint or near mint!

General Yo:
Majesty (Lime Stew!)
M10 (Pink Moon!)

Deadly Spins:

G Squared:
Shu ta

please pm me for detailed pics I’m doing this on my phone so t really post them all haha


Dreadnought: Mint to me but maybe very near mint for picky people. Only trading for a CLYW or another YYR, or multipules…hard to get from me…$130shipped in US

Ash Berry FG Arctic Circle 1: MWB very smooth, in fact smoother than A Grade ACs I have had. Trade for another CLYW or I will sell this $80 shipped in US

Rockerfeller: Mint except for 1 pinprick mentioned by previous owner, I can’t find it though. Trade for a Quake maybe?

Alien Galaxy Shutter: 1 mark on each half that doesn’t go past ano. Dead smooth

2012 Werrd Tre: Mint $60 shipped in US or cool trades

Sine Saw: Mint w Bass Clef Stax $45 shipped in US

Ghost Rain Benchmark V: 2 dings and a pinprick. Would trade for an O or H, or an ILYY. Comes w Sakura side effects.$50 shipped in US

Code 2: Half Purple Half Goldfish Yellow. Pretty beat, quite a few marks but still very smooth. I don’t mind keeping this which I probably will ;). Comes w Chik Side Effects

Czm8 Prototype: Smooth! A couple small flat spots.

Avant Garde 2: custom powdercoated white, few marks that look like pencil marks.

Zeekio Anarchist: Probably one of the coolest splash designs I have seen for a long time! A few small pinpricks from the guy that sent it to me and his sloppy shipping, still smooth $40 shipped in US

Too Hot Proto: Faint scratches through the rims, still smooth, don’t mind keeping!

White Rally: MWB trade for a Horizon, Shu ta or Shutter or $40 shipped in US

color=red]I will keep this post updated and will let you know if a throw is gone, pending, or if its still up for trade, as of now everything is up for trade![/color]

Bump, wavelength Supernova gone and shipped out today, will edit when i can, rest is for trade still.

Even if it’s something not on my wants list go ahead and offer anyways, but especially if it’s my wants list :slight_smile:

Ricochet sent out, will trade multipules for wants and more throws coming up soon!

Yelets traded… Chief has a couple very good offers and will most likely accept one of them unless something else amazing comes my way…

Rad 95% likelyhood of being traded, just waiting for the PM. Adding more after I get these shipped out =).

bump, only looking to trade Bonfire or Gnar 2 for a MWB 100% smooth Saskatoon Blizzard Chief. Not accepting anything else right now so only offer if its rediculously crazy but still Ill probably decline unless its irresistable!

bump, might consider something else if its a really good offer, but really want a 7075 Saskatoon Blizzard Chief! =)

This guy backs out of deals.,watch out.

Bump, Bonfire and Gnar 2 going out Monday and added more throws and updated w closer up pictures!

Bump, bonfire and gnar 2 shipped!

EYYC 7075 Supernova is being traded for a Ghost Rain Benchmark V, i will take it down when i get home :slight_smile: deal is finalized on that so no more offers on that one please :stuck_out_tongue:

rest is still up for trade! :slight_smile:

Might be trading the Summit for a rare ED Code 2, its not final though. Keep the offers coming =)

Supernova abput to be shipped :).

7075 supernova shipped

6061 supernova traded, MVP and Psy almost finalized

Summit most likely being traded for a special ed code 2

bump! Looking for E Cig stuff too! Will trade a good throw for a nice complete setup!

Summit Shipped, Yoyo Addict Supernova Shipped, MVP Shipping tomorrow.

Capless, Y-Factor, Psy, and 2.0 is what is left, would trade multipules or all of them for higher ends, let me know =).

MVP shipped!

Looking for a case aswell, only looking to trade throws on my BST though, PM me if you want to trade me your case! =)

bump, seeing what else I can put on here tomorrow and probably taking a new group picture aswell =).

Put more up, the first 5 are pretty much keepers unless I get exactly what I want or a great offer! Just put them up to see what kind of offers I will get! Good luck! Basically stick to things on my wants list and only CLYWs for the CLYWs pretty much! =)

7075 Chief traded. sorry guys :confused:

bump with streph throat! haha