Special Trade! ;-) Four Yo's (CLYWxC3, ODxILYY, ILYY and OD) for one throw


Hey Yo-scene,
I really would like to trade these four pices of art! I only can hold one last throw at the moment and that is the reason why I want/need to trade these beautys as a bundle. They deserve more playtime. I would willing to trade all four together for one nice throw.

The first who offers me one of the throws from my “wants” gets the whole bundle! :wink: Other offers are welcome too!

YYF Ricochet (all conditions)
YYF Ti-Dream/Shutter (all conditions)
YYF Pulsar Genesis/7075 doomsday
2Sick Rook (all conditions)
Spyy Tyy (all conditions)
CLYWxLuftverk Tundra (bgrade is preffered)
Luftverk Evora Ti 7075
ODxAnti-Yo Bape2/Stealthzilla
Sengoku Masamune
Sengoku Musashi
SoSerious Chronos
Something Anglam 7075
Something Slasher
KC Agent Tantalizing
YYR Sigtyr
YYR Draupnir
YYR Valkyrie
Turning Point Palpitatin
Turning Point Leviathan 6/7


CLYWxC3 H5xChief very close to mint with box, only one minuscle hairline scratch, dead smooth



ODxILYY Sakura SE mint with pouch, deadsmooth


ILYY TRVTH mint with pouch/button, deadsmooth


OD Nautilus Code2 some little flat dings around the rims (worst damage on pic 2), deadsmooth and extra brass dome SE’s



Give me a shout of You have questions. More pics on request.




PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


New wants :wink:


Updated wantlist :wink:

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