S/FT: OD, YYWS, and CLYW! LF: MFD x G2, G2, and CLYW! UPDATE 6/7!


Hello! Even if you don’t like any of my throws PM me if you have one of my wants and we can work out a deal. My prices are not firm so offer!

[b]What I have for sale or trade[b]

1 of 10 Yoyoworkshop prototype (Same condition as recieved from yoyoworkshop. It is proto!!!) MOSTLY TRADES

1 of 10 Yoyoworkshop production run Partial Blackout colorway. OFFER $70ish $50-60ish $40 (Few small dings, nothing really effects play. I have box.)

Green Onedrop Format:C OFFER $70-80ish? (Mint in Box) HARD TO GET (Gone)

Zach Gormly Ed. CLYW OG Gnarwhal OFFER $100ish (Mint in Box) EVEN HARDER TO GET


(Prefer to be mint or super near mint) WILL BUY!

MFD x G2 Co-Lab

G2 Aftershock

CLYW Yeti (NO BLACK) maybe

CLYW Canvas

CLYW Bonfire (Preferably Hulk Smash or Confettie. Will also consider 1st runs) maybe



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Why bother listing the format:c and bonfire if they are not for sale or trade? It’s a BST thread man…







Please observe the one bump/day rule and make sure you have pics of ALL you are offering.



Any interest in a Code 2 for the triton?


I like the mighty flea






Did not mean to bump 2 times… sorry


I will offer near mint dead smooth Cliff, Petr Kavka edition.



I have a Fool’s Gold Avalanche, not too many marks, but some. Would you consider that for the BvM2? I’ll give pics if you are interested.