LF: Viszilla and more. HAVE: Trades

I’d much rather trade my throws listed here for stuff on my wants list, but I am willing to sell a few. The ones without a price are only up here as offers for trading for my wants. I can and will combine PayPal with any of these for something on my wants list. ONLY INTERESTED IN TRADES OR TRADE+SOME CASH CURRENTLY, JUST BOUGHT A THROW, SORRY.

If you see something you’d be interested in, PM me what you’d like to know more about or negotiate, and I’ll be sure to send you more pics and information! Here they are:


-SPYY Orbitron 5000, bronze, NMWB
-YYF CZM8, blue w/pink splash, couple of pinpricks $35
-YYF Cypher, blue world’s edition, MWB
-Anti-yo Bapezilla.2, NMWPouch, don’t want to trade this unless I really want what you’re offering, sorry.
-SPYY Supra, champagne acid wash, MWB $65
-YYF Popstar, blue/green world’s edition, NM $15

Supra, CZM8 and Popstar package: $110 shipped.

OD Summit is GONE.

If you’re interested in anything, let me know and I’ll get you more pictures including all damage. All throws have had response replaced with white monkey snot, I’ll reapply fresh before shipping.

I also have the following cheap throws if you feel like having me throw one in a trade: YYJ Lyn Fury and DM, Henry’s Viper, Duncan Throw Monkey, Yomega Strobe Yo.

Now for my wants! This list is in order of how much I want it.

  • Anti-yo Viszilla!
  • General Yo Essence
  • 3yo3 Bass Line 2 - black with box
  • 10YoYo Drop Bear - Never Never or black
  • YYF Ricochet

I can buy with PayPal, but would prefer to trade several throws that add up to the value instead. If you’re only looking to sell, please still let me know. And like I said before, PayPal + a throw you’re interested in can be worked out as well.

I’m fine with minor damage, but of course I’ll need to see pics of it before agreeing to tradetrade/buy. Stock finish is a must, but bearing and response changes are fine.

I also have a wants list of unicorns… Who doesn’t?

These are throws that I would eventually like to acquire, but can’t afford to just buy outright currently. If you’d be interested in several/all of my throws plus PayPal for any of these, let me know which throws you would want, and how much money I’d need to add on top of them.

-OD Sovereign
-General Yo USA Hat Trick, Magnum, Torrent II
-YYR Draupnir
-CLYW Peak
-Other Titanium throws
-Duncan Freehand Mg


Revised OP! New wants list!