FT/FS: Lot's of throws gone and traded, moving to archive heaven!

I have some throws for sale/trade right now.

1. YYF Steve Brown Edition Severe (want to call it mint, has a few microscopic marks that don’t pick up on camera. I’d call it as close to mint without being 100% mint) Pending
2. YYF Supernova Light in Green 100% mint!
3. OD Cafe Racer Purple Nurple 1/20 colorway (has fading on color in one spot, pictured on flickr)
4. Kyo DNS (has one very tiny mark on it, but nothing that affects play, super smooth throw)
Traded Kyo DNS for Crucial Confection
5. Chico Yo Flyer Nationals 2011 edition (was used 1 time for 5a, and let’s just say it didn’t go too well :\ it has a few marks cosmetically, but it is super smooth, and has been used only as 1a ever since the “5a accident” lol)  Traded
6. Supernova Raw Clear Coat Traded
7. Hubstacked Skyline, purple with gold splash (it has a few scratches along the rims which blend in with splash, nothing major that effects play) Traded
8. Rockstar 2012 SE colorway Traded

9, 10, 11. Good news for all of you, I am throwing up a couple of CLYW’s, Wooly Marmot (the greenish blue one in flickr) and also a Sasquatch. Trying to see what offers I can get. I also threw up a mint cherry blossom Dingo by One Drop. SOLD all 3

[s][b]I do however have 2 more CLYW’s[/b],
both mint that are pictured on my Flickr. I have a Rockabully Gnarwhal mint in box, and also a mint Wooly Marmot, all black, it is a rare colorway, and was only sold on 28spin. Offer big for both of these.
edit: The Rockabully Gnarwhal was SOLD, [s]only CLYW I have left is a rare Black Wooly Marmot[/s] Traded[/s]

[b]WANTS: ONLY MINT THROWS Only YYF’s I want are 07 and 09 888’s and YYF Harold Owens III Catalyst. Also looking for Duncan Metals, One Drop’s (NO M1 or Cafe Racer) Turning Point, and certain CLYW’s.

I decided to only leave the flickr link, since it gets too cluttered with a bunch of pictures, and takes longer to load. Also, unlike other posts, my flickr only consists of the yoyo’s currently being sold, so you won’t have to go through 10 pages to find the yoyo you’re looking for. Thanks



Bumpity Day!

Supernova has been sold, and also I was dumb, and decided to try 5a for the first time over tile, and the Chico-Yo Flyer has a few more small rim scratches, and if bought or traded will be discounted according, but, let me just say, it does not affect play in anyway, and is still a great player. I also added a Steve Brown Limited Edition Severe.

Bump of the day!

What do you want for that Severe?

Reformatted the listing, and also added a Mint Supernova Light with pictures and also a Kyo DNS.


Traded Kyo DNS for Crucial Confection, and also added 2 new throws, Raw Supernova (or could be silver, as stated above), and hub stacked Skyline, purple with gold splash.

edit: I looked on the web, and it looks to be a Supernova Raw Clear Coat which is supposed to be very rare. Also, pics are now uploaded to flickr for both the Supernova, and also Starlight

Bump, offer me trades…or cash…or beach front property, or a house, or a car.


Update! CLYW Wooly Marmot. CLYW Sasquatch, and One Drop Dingo have been sold. Rockstar 2012 special edition practically mint, and G Funk have been added, as well as 2 more CLYW’s. CLYW Rockabully Gnarwhal mint in box, and Wooly Marmot in all black, rare colorway.



Bump, and please do not message me unless you have Duncan Metals, CLYW’s or One Drop, and Turning Point…or cash…cash is also good :smiley:

will sale u a canvas nm

Update:Supernova Raw has been traded, and Rockabully Gnarwhal is pending.

CLYW Rockabully Gnarwhal has been officially paid for. The only CLYW I have left is a Wooly Marmot in a rare all black colorway. I also have a Steve Brown Severe left, as well as a Supernova Light, and Rockstar 2012.