BRAND NEW BST! Bunch of Rare CLYW, YYF, DBYY Duncan, come check it out!:D


Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums. I’ve been extremely busy with school and personal matters. BUT I’m back:D I’ve acquired some new throws. I’m more interested in trades than selling. I’m looking for really anything. But if I had to make a wants list…

and newer version one drops please!!
CLYW Canvas
CLYW Chief
…anything guys offer thanks!:smiley: Pics coming…soon. (My Flickr crashed)

Here we go!:smiley:

  1. YYF Superstar, Btnc edition. (black with black splash) Amazing throw. Sleeps forever soso smooth, no vibe. Very awesome.

  2. 1 of 1 Sasquatch. Beautiful colorway. Previously owned by Charles Haycock! Smoothest yoyo and best playing yoyo i’ve ever owned. Going to be very hard to get off of me. 10Ball bearing.

  3. FG Jack Rabitt Avalanche. Absolutely beautiful colorway. No ano flaws. Teeny teeny vibe that DOES NOT affect play. Amazing. PENDING

4)Slayve edition EKG. Very rare amazing colorway. I believe there were like 10 released. So unique and pretty. Zero vibe. Smooth plays awesomee. Great collection piece, too.

  1. Yomerica Spindustries Hand Candy. This. thing. is. epic. thats all. So smooth, unique, stable awesome shape…epic. Offer…

  2. Purple Acid wash YYF NOVA. Great little throw. Very fun, smooth stable.Little bro the the Supernova. Awesome!

Deal sweeteners:
Signed Daniel Dietz Card.

Thanks for checkin’ out my BST:D







will buy wooly marmot pink for 75.00






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Pics please!
Especially the 1 of 1 Sasquatch


I would be more than happy to get pics of everything but…i dont have a camera as of now… :confused:


could you describe the sasquatch colorway?

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