FS/FT: CLYW and YOYO Factory

Hey everyone! I’m trying to get a canvas (preferably one of the new series that just came out today) so i’m selling or trading a couple of my throws. I will entertain all offers, both money and other throws, but really all im looking for is money or a CLYW Canvas. So feel free to offer.
All Throws will ship standard mail with tracking and will ship with either G-string or Ham string. We can discus packaging later, some people prefer one way over another.

My biggest want is a CLYW Canvas, so yeah.

The throws I have are…

CLYW Sasquatch (offer)
It is a team edition Sasquatch, brown with aqua speckles.
I have the box but the box is a little crushed (pics on request)

MonkeyFinger Evil-YO (GONE)
It is a red, black, orange, and yellow splash Evil-Yo

YOYO Factory Super G ($80)
It is a green Super G without Gentry’s Signature.

There are a few other marks that look like this, tiny little pin pricks. have no affect on play.

YOYO Factory Northstar ($25)
It is a white with red rim Jensen Northstar

Adegle Asteroid (really here as a deal sweetener for trades)
It is a new yellow Asteroid
Comes with the box and two pieces of kitty string.



so what u think, your Mint MonkeyfingeR Evil Yo for my MIB Wooly Marmot?


1st run Boss.
Hardcoat DV888.
Northstar. (earlier run. has jensens name on the plates. New ones don’t.)
Supernova Lite.
Czech Nats 2007 VK. Small Bearing. No hubstacks.