Fs/ Ft clyw

Hello there, I have a bit of extra toys I’m trying to either sell off or trade for other toys. I’m willing to trade multiple if not all for the right throw(s)

If you have a CLYW canvas you’re already winning so name your trade. Mainly looking for the organic shapes! If you’d like to purchase something please shoot an offer all will be considered

CLYW Sas OG - black / green specs but the specs look more yellow to me. Mint no box, slight vibe, plays flawless
CLYW Chief - turquoise, about 2 paint scratches and dings but no feelable damage, all asthetic. Plays flawless
CLYW FG Scout - green / gold splash near mint no damage. Very slight vibe. Plays excellent still
CLYW/YOYOfactory Moonshine - copper, a few dings around the rim, no major damage. Plays flawless
Big Bang Bandalores Endeavor - purple / silver specs. Mint and plays flawless
Big Bang Bandalores Quark - Rasta splash new with minor paint scratch. Plays flawless
Rain City Skills Looney - brass. Mint with exception of brass tarnishing plays excellent
Doc Pop yo-yo The Executive mint and plays excellent




Interested in scout and chief dm me if you’re interested in trades



How about rev1 +20$ for chief ?

Nice offer, Looking specifically for clyw canvas or a-rt tho! Thanks for looking

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