FT ONLY: CLYW Canvas for CLYW Chief only

I carry my iPhone with me almost 24/7 so you can be sure to get a speedy response if you have I something I am interested in.
Even if you dont I respond to PM’s fairly quickly.

I have a FG Golden Boy CLYW Canvas that is completely mint up for trade only for a CLYW Chief.
All other trade offers will be ignored, cash offers will be considered.
If you are interested in buying it I will only accept Paypal.

The Canvas is completely smooth both on the string and on grinds, the only reason it has been deemed “Fool’s Gold” is due to a small annod smudge on the inside (PICTURED BELOW)





Hi! So I was thinking of trading my chief with you. Its 100% mint condition and its blue with yellow splash! :smiley: so pls reply back ! :slight_smile:

How about a pekka edition chief? I’m trading with u now because I have 2 chiefs :smiley: