Everyone Watch out for SwissArmyTenor

He’s awesome! Really such a nice guy. I auctioned off some yoyos on eBay and he bought them and I thought all was well when I received a message from him that there was a issue with one of the yoyos. We ended up agreeing I would refund 20$ to him instead of him sending me back the throws and getting a full refund even tho I didn’t feel the throw had any flaws.

So after refunding him 20$ he bought another one of the same yoyos he felt had a issue and it turned out the new one was the same as the one I had sent him. Then as I’m playing Kendama yesterday I see a notification from eBay that he had sent me a PM and I thought to myself " I wonder what’s up" anyways it was swissarmytenor letting me know he was gonna refund me the 20$ back because the Yoyo I had sent him came the same way from the manufacturer.

Basically, he refunded me money he didn’t have to. I wouldn’t have ever known. I felt it was very kind of him to do that though and I feel like the yoyo community has so many upstanding people. Really made my day and I just felt like everyone should know how awesome he is.

Sorry for the random post guys, I know I haven’t been to active on the forums I’ve really been big into Kendama lately. Although the Kendama community seems to have quite a bit of drama so I can’t stray to far from YYE cause it’s really nice being here. Y’all are great :slight_smile:

Peace and love!


Very nice person!


Love it when people go the extra mile to show kindness and make sure everything goes well.


Wow. What a story. I would change the title because immediately I thought that he ripped you off when you said Watch Out.

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What yoyo had/has the issue?

I’m dying to know which throw has this inherent “flaw.”

I have to express my true thoughts on it. I think he just “did the right thing.” I think he made an honest mistake, and he corrected the mistake. The fact that he did so, means that his karma is better off for it. If I were in his shoes, I would feel bad, if I took an extra $20 on a perfectly fine (in new condition) throw. I don’t see it as over and above, rather someone doing what he should have done…the right thing. I will admit that there are plenty of people who would not mind walking around after knowing they beat someone for $20. But, the mistake was his to begin with, he just corrected it. That’s the way it should be.

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It was a Magic Yoyo Dark Sprite. It has an issue re: attachment of the halves. Both Dark Sprites I bought had the same exact problem with the same exact feel to it. Not readily immediately noticed.


SwissArmyTenor did the right thing and his actions add to his credibility. Please note also that SwissArmyTenor was not satisified with the intial product and Jcpdx503 made the trade right by adding 20 dollars.

Just saying both parties were doing their best to be fair and honest.

Kudos to you both! :slight_smile:

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I just wanted him to be happy I won’t deny that I tried sending him 15$ At first then we agreed on 20$

He also offered to send me back the yoyo but I felt that he would put it to better use so I let him just have it to save hassle. Super cool guy tho I’m really stoked that I ran into him on eBay. All this happened randomly I wasn’t aware that he was a forum member. I know he was just doing the right thing but I suppose I always expect the worst from people instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Especially when I do not personally know the person.

I jus think its awesome that there’s still kind honest hearted people around, most of which are yoyoers :slight_smile: yoyos really deserve to be pushed like video games. I remember being younger when kids played outside and we would get together to go okay kickball at the neighborhood park or roller hockey on the basketball court. Life was good, now it’s all cell phones and texting. I was talking to a friend about how back in the day I’m 23 so the 90s you had to personally walk to your friends house to see if they wanted to hang out there wasn’t iPhones back then. Granted if you had money you had a Nokia brick phone I didn’t tho.

Hope everyone is well :slight_smile: I’m gonna try and be more active in the community

You could look at it both ways, however, ya’ll had agreed on a deal that made you both happy, so the deal was done. I’m sure that whatever the deal was, Jcpdx would have just said " aight we’ll just both return the items and act like the deal never happened" if he felt like he was getting duped. For whatever reason, he was happy with the outcome of the trade prior to the $20 being sent back to him, so I do think that S.A.T went above and beyond what was expected and I guarantee 90% of the members here wouldn’t have done what he did. I’m not knocking anyone here and I really think this community is an awesome group of individuals, however, at the end of the day, we’re all still humans and money is still money. Good for you S.A.T! I really love reading this kind of stuff. It gives us all hope!

I would change the title as quickly as possible because it has an extrememly negative connotation.

I think it was MEANT to make people think negative thoughts… and then flip it around as a big ol’ shout-out. I thought it was kinda funny and (for lack of a better word) cute. Don’t really think people will be hating on SwissArmyTenor for just seeing the title in the list. If anyone’s curious, they’ll read the post. If not, they probably don’t care one way or the other.


You are correct sir. Just wanted to stir some interest but ill change it cause I’m sure there’s some who wouldn’t get it and think its a negative thing towards SAT.