Big thanks to NAVYTHROW!

Seriously such an awesome guy! I accidentally sent him a cal states summit and was able to help me with getting the summit shipped to its new home. Just wanted to tell him thanks and appreciate him being such a great member of this community. Plus he must be some type of super human because he told me he worked 70 hours and still was able to help me with shipping the summit and finds time to Yoyo. What a awesome dude for real!

Anyways sorry for the random post. It’s just such an awesome deed he did for me that I wanted to let everyone know :slight_smile:

P.S. Not that it matters but I’m stoked cause I learned a trick called vector and ladder escape I have been using the little time that I do get to throw to learn and practice those two and was finally able to get them both on the same day it’s sloppy and a bit choppy but it’ll smoothen out. I posted my first video on the video section in the forum made it a week ago tho so vector and ladder escape will be in the next video I attempt to make haha

Good on you navythrow! thumbs up


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He is really nice.
Wait, a summit!?!?!?!

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I’ve bought a YoYo from him and he came off as a very decent guy. I look forward to dealing with him in the future.

I also want to Thank Him for his service to our country. ;D

Navy is a really great guy. Always super respectable when we chat via PM

Um How did you accidentally send him your summit? Otherwise props to him for being great.

Probably had his address confused with the trader’s address.

Correct, I had re used a box from a trade I did with Navythrow and I had thought that the box was from the trade I was currently making which was my summit for someone else’s canvas. I reused the box and mixed up the senders and accidentally sent it to navy throw instead of the intended recipient. The person who was supposed to receive the summit got it yesterday

Oooh I got you. Cool good on him.