A 2nd!! - Community Thank You

;D ;D ;D

Many of you know that I love I Love YoYo yo-yos. That’s just fun to say…
Many of you also know that I was missing 1 yoyo - the Pybit.
And recently, a guy from Germany offered one on the BST board.

I received so many messages from you guys about that Pybit. And I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do that. I was really touched by how many people were looking out for me like that. We don’t have a deal set as of yet, but things are looking good.

Either way, though, I really appreciate the giving nature of all of you. Thank you.

;D ;D ;D

EDIT: See 2nd Community thank you below
about the Summit

You are quite giving yourself. Thanks again for the cards this week. Also, when good vibes are sent out, good vibes always come right back. I hope that deal works out for you to get the missing part of your collection. :wink:

Thanks, Total Artist. That may be very true. This morning, I made it to work without hitting a single red light :wink:

I’m glad you found your YoYo, Mike! :slight_smile: You’re a good guy

Also, I’ve never heard of this YoYo before haha

Pic for the curious?

I am SOOOO excited. You must tell me how it plays ;D ;D ;D

Here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks, Newbies United.
Yeah, it’s a crazy looking thing isn’t it?
The owner is still thinking about it though. So cross your fingers that he pulls the trigger. :smiley:

This community is always here for you, and you will find sometime soon that you will aid the growth of the community as well someday.

2nd Community Thank You!!

Well, the Karma has come back to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve recently given some yoyos and yoyo accessories to some deserving individuals including students from my classes, kids from the community rec center in my town, and multiple members of YYE. I never really focused on cost or value because I was more concerned with passing on my (some would say unhealthy) love for yoyos.

Well, today there was a package in my mailbox. It was my new Summit, and I was so excited. But imagine my surprise when I removed the box and there was ANOTHER box behind it. When I cracked it open, it was ANOTHER Summit!! And a fancy one at that. I have no idea who gifted this to me, but I want you to know how happy I am to have been passed this good Karma. I promise to keep it going. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.

I bought the blue/red/black one on the left. The gold/black/red one on the right is the gift.

Moral of the story? Share your love, guys. There are people out there that still appreciate it and will make it worth the effort. :smiley:

Mmm, a Trigger Happy Summit. Somebody has good taste!

Good karma comes around =) They both look fantastic!


Those summits are beautiful I wish I had one

Alas… it turned out to be a shipping mistake. Pretty nice one, though! ;D

I’m going to ship it off to its rightful owner today. But for my honesty, I’ll be receiving a gift anyway. So it’s still a good day. And I have a Summit already. Time to put that one through the paces.

Take care, all.

Glad people like you are in our comunity for sure. :slight_smile: ;D

Your thank you to the community is actually getting turned around where YOU are the one who deserves the thank you. I know how much that special Summit cost, and I would have been so upset if it were mine and got lost in the mail like that. Big ups to you for speaking up and making it right. Every once in a while we have a bad egg, but on the whole this community is very solid.

I actually thought it was YOU, Schnayke, that sent it. :wink:

Thanks, man. Yeah, it’s a good thing I didn’t drop it, huh? ;D

Well now it time to do 3a with summits