look! yye sells kendamas now

edit* so anybody buying some kens

No you can’t. They don’t have all skill toys so they are not a skill toy “expert”.

Lets just rename it “KendamaExpert.” Or “WatchPeopleArgueAbouttheWebsiteNameExpert.”

On the topic of kendamas at yoyoexpert, I immensely enjoyed the photos of the kendamas.

Some really cool shots!

There’s a place near me that carries the brand YYE carries, so between my discount and no shipping(but I gotta pay 8% sales tax), it’s more affordable for me to shop locally.

However, I’m still excited that YYE is carrying kendamas now. I expect sales to be pretty good too. I was hoping they were going to carry diabolos too, but I’ll take care of my “needs” elsewhere for that.

Yoyos, spin tops, apparel and now kendama. YYE is branching out!

I’ll buy a Kendama. Gives me an excuse to buy more yoyo string too.

This is cool! That Terra Pill looks sick.

Hopefully they will carry some Sweets and Ozora stuff in the future. Im not a big fan of the Tribute ken (the unique stringing system is a little awkward for me).

The little cartoon they have of the “yoyoexpert” playing with a kendama is awesome though. I would love a YYE edition kendama. Red tama with a black X.

Phew, I just bought the last Zack Yourd Pro Kendama. Hope Kendamas are fun.