Kendama shop

I think it might be kind of cool to have a “kendama” section in the yye shop.

but they don’t its yoyoing website not a kendma wesite there is a difference!

Keep in mind, though, they do sell spin tops here also. I think this’d be cool.

but also think if we add another skill toy it wouldn’t be a yo-yo shop anymore it would then be a skill toy shop! so therefore they can’t call it yoyo expert anymore because they sell other skill toys too! ::slight_smile:

… Their main product would still be yoyos though

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No, you could still call it yoyoexpert…it’s not like kendamas would completely take over the site like rabid squirrel ninjas or anything, I mean come on. Do you see spin tops taking over? No. If they won’t I’m pretty sure kendama won’t.
Let’s not be toyist-No prejudice against other skill toys.

@abby1371 This isn’t really a yoyo website much anymore when they sell spin tops also, I would consider YYE as a skill toy website.

That would be cool if they sold kendamas. At the moment, they don’t.

They also sell spin tops. There is a spin top section.

They had links for diabolo and cubes, but those are gone. I guess that never really came into being.

I will say this, there’s a major kendama craze and push sweeping at least the United States. Who knows what will happen at YYE.

My 2¢…I think the kendama addition is a great idea! I have never held one and I don’t know where I would go if I decided I wanted to buy one. If they were available here I might be so inclined as to pick one up with my next order.

Too much of a niche product.

That means a lot when we’re on a yoyo forum talking about a niche industry.

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but they sell spin tops

I’ve met more people who use kendamas then yoyos.

Even more of a niche product.

Well, spin tops, at least in the United States, is very niche.

Kendama is getting the big push, while yoyo is kinda being ignored. That’s how it goes sometimes. I will say this. Kendama is very affordable, where-as yoyo can get ratehr pricy fast. There’s just not as much variety in Kendama due to the nature of it. Colors and woods are being done for added variety. I may pick up a couple more in different weights. I might get a more “bland” one to have my logo put on it.

I think you’re being a bit picky. yoyos-R-us sells so many skills tops but are still referred to as a yoyo store. It’s fine to sell other skill toys because in the end, YYE specializes and focuses on something called a yoyo.

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They can call it skilltoyexpert instead.

No, they can still call it Yoyoexpert.

Let’s use Toys R Us as an example… They sell movies. Are those toys? No. So… Yoyoexpert can still sell kendama’s while keeping the same name.

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When they catch wind of these new naming rules, Yoyo Joe’s is sure in trouble too.

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