Has anyone else noticed


That in the app, under the spin top section, there is a skill toy section, but the kendama section is just a kendama section?

(Owen) #2

Yup I did notice that.

It’s supposed to be like that.


Seems rather toyist…


I think the reason for it is that spin tops,yoyos(duh) and kendamas are sold on yoyoexpert, making this a natural place to talk about them, whereas other skill-toys are not, so less people will probably talk about them here.


There’s lots of other skill toys out there. Since YoYoExpert is primarily yoyo, they have carried spin tops for as long as I’ve been here(nearly 2 years), so it makes sense to have a spin top area.

With the addition of kendama, it makes perfect sense to me to have a kendama area.

Having a general skill toy area is a good catch-all for anything else.


But why is it under the spin top section and not the kendama section? Toy discrimination!

(M.DeV1) #7

They had puzzle cube, and diabolo added to the sight product list for a long time but they were later taken down.


Yes, but I figured if we don’t talk about it, it makes for less questions later on.

I was actually looking forward to the diabolo section that never happened. I’m not into the cube stuff, but hey, I don’t judge.