"Other Skill Toys" Section

I think we should have a “Other Skill Toys” section so people can discuss things like SpinTops, Kendama, Juggling, etc. What do you guys think?

For now this would belong in unrelated.

Twould be sensible, but this forum is a bit too small for anything bigger than a Child Board.

theres not many people here who do much other then yoyoing
also notice the name of the site


You would be suprised.

I play Diabaolo, astrojax.
I juggle, I even spin pens on -rare- occasion.
And I’m a profesional >YOYO<er.
Heck, I’d even consider sacking as a skill toy, and I’d like to see a discussion section where I could see other yoyoers talking about the other traits of skill toys.

Skill toys represent.

Thank You!!! Sorry I forgot about those ones :-\

Well, seeing as there seems to be a Spintop section in the YYE shop, I’m guessing there might just be some new sections added to the forums in the future.

haha, not like I’m gonna jump down your throat about not posting things I do absent mindedly.