A new topic is born. Skill Toy Discussion

This is where you can talk about your skill toys other than yoyoing. There are so many out there and there are endless possibilities of what can become skill toys. talk about any and all toys listed. Please read the rules first. There are a few different rules than the standard list. The general rules are still in effect.

Go have fun and talk about your poi or hockern. don’t know what a hockern or poi is? Go find out!

I took on Diabolo a few months ago, fun stuff to mess with, it’s like a giant Offstring yoyo. Great thing to take to the park and do some massive launches skyward, and to then catch it. It sure grabs people’s attention when they see this white thing flying upward. I’m using a Duncan Phoenix by the way, wanted the flexibility of a fixed axle and 1-way bearing. Still pretty newish, can get it spinning, know some basic moves like Suns, Trapeze, Cat’s Cradle, recently figured out how to do suicides, stick grinds, and launches.

When I was younger, I had an oldschool spin top (made of wood) that was fun to mess with. Never learned anything though, just got the basics of throwing. Later, I ended up getting a Duncan Whizzer but didn’t do much with that either.

I currently do diablo as my only other skill toy thing besides yoyoing but I really want tO master a bunch of different skill toys. Currently I am learning how to juggle and then maybe I’ll get into spintops and after that I will learn how to hacky sack or dice stack. I’ve got a lot to learn lol. I want to become a performed later in life.

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