Yo-Yo, Spin Top, or Diablo

I like yo-yoing, then diablo-ing, then spin tops. What about you? (Am I making too many polls? Sorry if I am)

Yes, you’re making too many polls. I stopped voting, it got annoying.

I enjoy yoyo. I want to get a diabolo later on and maybe a spin top, even if just “starter” set-ups that I can do some basics with. I do want to get a bearinginzed tip spin top though.

I might pick those up at BAC maybe.

Yeah, you are making too many. Anyways, I like yoyoing, and I want to get a diablo since it looks pretty cool.

Dude, you’re on a yo-yo forum. I think that the majority would be for yo-yo’s…

you misspelled Diabolo btw.

i like Diabolo and yoyo.

havent performed witha yoyo yet though…

oops "diabolo. sorry for making too many ill stop

I yoyo every day. I play the diabolo occassionally and Diablo: Lord of Destruction more often than I diabolo but not more than I yoyo ;D.

On the starting threads/polls: It’s not about making or not making a thread/poll, it’s about making a quality thread/poll. We want to hear people’s thoughts, just not every thought lol. (If you get my point) ::slight_smile:

BTW… It’s nice that you actually thought about it and asked! It’s good to see people with some manners.


On a spintop or diabolo forum you would get totally different results. :-\

#1, yoyo: it is a take anywhere hobby, which is the main reason I like it
#2, diabolo: as fun as the yoyo, but more of a workout
#3, Spin top: haven’t tried it yet, but plan on it very soon

I agree with hakysak.

1: The yoyo is nice and portable. I am definitely liking this.

2: Is the diabolo more of a work-out? Not sure, but it is cool. It’s bigger than the yoyo, so its not as portable, but they do make holders for them and they are compact enough to be convenient to take most places. Like the yoyo, it looks like a lot of fun and pretty cool.

3: Something about spin tops just has this whole different cool factor associated with it. My only complaint is that I watched some spin top competition stuff and it all gets very boring and repetitive rather quickly. But there are plenty of things you can do with spin tops you can’t do with yoyos or diabolos. The downside is that in competition, you can’t really just restart it, I notice they have multiple pre-wound and ready to go. What I like is now the spin top is not just a simple spinning object yo watch until it slows down and flops over, it is a legitimate skill toy with a real skill element and can be interactive.

I am debating picking up a diabolo and spin top at BAC if there’s a booth selling them. I don’t intend to get great, but I want to be able to do a few things on each. Similar to yoyo, I want to be able to do stuff in the 5 major styles.

At the yoyo meets I am trying to organize, to spread interest, I welcome ALL skill toys, including spin tops and diabolo, juggling, foot bags and more. I figure the color and variety should make for interesting meets and get togethers.

What I think would be more interesting for discussion would be what are people doing, and are they interested in the other skill toys?

I am awful at diaboloing, I can’t even atempt at spin tops, so I guess that leaves yoyos.

Yoyo only, for now… ;D

When you get to where you can keep it spinning for about as long as you can a yoyo, you will feel it in your arms and chest. Basically because you have to do the power pulls to keep it moving. There are bearingized diabolos that spin longer, but I want to get decent before I upgrade. Right now I am using a solid axle.

If you consider Diaboloing a workout I suggest actually working out. Oughtta fix you right up.

Care to haul audio gear with me?

Power lifting!