Additional Spintop support

OK, so I’m branching out. I’m buying gyroscopes, diabolos, gonna learn juggling and am definitely into spintops now too. I’ve also been noticing a trend towards more of us “yoyo people” adding spintops to our set of skill toys.

Keeping the focus on spin tops, I’d like to suggest that YYE carry a variety of spintop strings. Granted, spintop strings last way longer than yoyo strings, but even so, I’d like to get some more. I bought some not too long ago from another store(that is down at the moment) for a friend before I got into spintops as well. I’m not sure if they’d be big movers but I know I’d buy a couple each in a couple of different lengths and maybe stock up on some of those YYF spintop balls to secure them up.

Very much so. Great catch brother.

Spin top string is nothing special, all you have to do is go buy a roll of string at the
hardware store, yoyo strings are sold like they are because they are not something you can just buy.
Diabolo string is also a rip you can just buy that stuff. I suppose they could stock fancy colors and such though because that would be harder to come across at the rope section in your favorite department store. Spintop buttons from yyf are not good for spintopping really you are going to want something wider and lighter like a large button for clothing. I am sure those would open up some other kind of tricks though. They called them spintop buttons to get around duncans paten on freehand, they sold them in a gumball machine at their contest vending tables.

Hmm, I was about to order a roll of diabolo string this week. I like the bright colors. Easier to see. Kind of the same reason why a lot of us use the bright yoyo strings. Tempted to “go big” and order a triple bearing diabolo as well as some extra sticks so each of my kids can have their own stick set-up. With kids of different sizes, it should make it a bit easier for them!

As far as spintops, I have a problem releasing the button(my fingers keep opening up when I throw!), so ball or button, it doesn’t matter, as I’m gonna put a loop around my finger before I throw anyways. Plus I like the colors better from the pre-made string, and it’s pre-cut, which yeah, I know it’s not a big deal, but sometimes I just like the “real thing”, even though you’re probably right, it’s nothing more special than a certain grade of cotton string. Plus, I actually intend to use a few of them as CW’s as well.

That is cool, just keep in mind your only a hardware store away if you run out. :wink: also the craft/sewing stores are great for spintop buttons.