chinese yoyo

I think this would go here. But anyways I was thinking of getting a chinese yoyo. I’ve looked at a lot and know what i’m going to get. But do any of you have one, if so what kind you got.

Are you talking about diabolo or the actual chinese yoyo. I believe that a chinese yoyo is quite similar to a diabolo except for the fact that it has two flat discs at the ends instead of rounded cups.

I have a diabolo. I can’t really do that advanced tricks but I do stuff like stick grinds and around the leg stuff.

Phoenix Diabolo.

Thats what I have, I am fairly good, and I feel in need of music…

It’s out of this world.

I’ve watched that vid too many times.

Addment: Too many times.

I have one,lots of fun,give you something when you dont want to yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

If your looking for like a real sleeping yoyo than some good chinesejapenese yoyo brands
are Genera-yo, Auldey, and Aoda. I’ve tried atleast one yoyo in each of these
brands and I really like them.

keep spinning