Where should I start with diabolo?


I’m moving away from just 1A yoyoing cause I’ve been doing that for a while and I want to try out diabolo. Does anyone know-

  1. what is a good diabolo to start/advance with
  2. Is there a different between begginner diabolo and advanced diabolos? In yoyoing you have responsive for begginers and unresponsive for intermediate/advanced play. Is there anything like that in diabolo?
  3. Do I need to buy two diabolos? I see people doing tricks with 2 diabolos and I was wondering if thats like a standard thing.
  4. where do I learn more about diabolos and are there any youtube channels that you recommend for learning tricks?
  5. I’ve noticed there are many different kind of sticks. What are advantages/disadvantages of different types of sticks?
  6. whats the performance difference between fixed axle and bearing diabolo?

Thanks for any help.

ill help what i can.

3: its just more advanced, like 3a or 2a.
5:Just stick grinds i think. poly is better than wood.
6: fixed spins less time, but can do climbing tricks, while bearing spins longer.

1: I highly recommend getting a Finesse diabolo, I have used mine for about 3 years, done 40+ foot drops to concrete and it holds up to it. It can handle anything you throw at it.

2: There are not really “advanced” and “beginner” diabolos to be honest. Although cheaper ones are geared towards beginners simply because you may not want to spend all of the money on a nice one.

3: You do not need to buy 2 diabolos. It is just a different style of play

4: Diabolotricks.com is the best site that I know of, also register at the diabolo.ca forum

5: Wood sticks are cheap and good, but cannot do infinite suicides, carbon and fiberglass sticks have flex and are light but can break. Aluminum sticks are heavy do not bend and are cheap. I recommend getting a set of Henry’s Aluminum Sticks. My set has taken a beating and still work great. Wood sticks however, come with most diabolos and can be used to learn any trick.

6: Bearing diabolos will give you longer spin times, and more maneuverability during vertax tricks. I have one and use it a lot, but still highly recommend getting a fixed axle diabolo to learn the basics on. It will improve your game greatly.

References: Diabolist for 3+ years.

Agree 100% with Troy(oyo. There are no “beginner” diabolos. The best ones available like the Mr.B Finesse, Henry’s Circus, Sundia Sun only range up to around $50. Pretty much every one recommends one of the top quality ones. Apparently the less expensive ones…vibe. ::slight_smile: And the smaller ones (like the 4" ones) are much harder to learn on.

a phenix diablo by duncan 2 way axis

dojo you are so misinformed on slmost everythig that you post! the phoenix is a one way spinnig bearing.

Theyoyoist101 never heard of you andyou just flip the axis around

soryy i snapped. its just you seem a little misinformed on some stuff. thats all.

If Duncan can be that one bearing thing to work on tops, it would be awesome.

Sorry to bump a week-old thread but I own one of the Duncan Phoenixes. I did not know which was the best way to go last year when I was in the market for one so I assumed that being as Duncan’s name is on it, it should be pretty decent. I also liked the idea of the flippable spacer to make it from 1-way bearing to fixed axle. I actually learned using it with the 1-way bearing, and today, can only seem to get decent speeds via bearing. When I do a wrap on a fixed axle, I end up doing elevators when I don’t want to. I did find though not to really fuss with the bearings…I tried lubing it and found that my bearing became a 2-way bearing as it was slipping. I had to keep working with it to get the lube out.

And the Duncan one’s quite tough. I’ve launched mine about telephone pole height, missed the catch and just watched it bounce and roll on the street. It’s got its battle scars but the rubber/plastic hybrid’s quite durable.

Stuff I can do: Stick grinds, finger grinds (need 1-way bearing for this), elevator, cat’s cradle, sun (a swing over to wrap the string around the axle), trapeze, and tosses…well, sort of.

Trust me, you can do finger grinds on a fixed axle dude.

What diablo should you start with. Where should you buy it.

Some start with a fixed axle. I started with the Duncan Phoenix which can be a fixed axle as well as the 1-way bearing. The cups are a rubber-plastic hybrid so it won’t deform, neither will it crack…mine’s taken quite a beating and still works great.

Get either a Finesse by Mister Babache, or a Circus by Henry’s. I have been using a Finesse for about four years, done 40+ foot drops onto concrete and it still plays like the day I got it. Superb diabolo.