Diabolo is insane. I had no idea. Watch this short video, trust me

It was like he was doing 1A, 3A, 4A and 5A all at the same time with some horizontal mixed in.

Then he did something at the end that I don’t even want to spoil.

Does anyone Diabolo? Is there a huge learning curve. I’m going to search the forums for info too, but would love to hear from any diaboloers currently on the scene.


FYI it’s “diabolo” :slight_smile:

I have a fixed axle one I got from Infinite Illusions (I think) nearly 18 years ago after circus performers came to our school and did stuff with them. I never got much into it aside from the basics, but I wanna say it primed me to enjoy 4A.


What the heck that performance is amazing. This is better than any yoyo performance I’ve seen


Thank you on the spelling, and yeah, his performance is insane.

And guess what, he got second place and this was from 2014.

The learning curve is not that steep. Especially if you already know how to yoyo, you can quickly land a couple of grind tricks. Once you learn how to start to spin the diabolo, you can directly dive into tricks. The spinning is a bit tricky to do efficiently (because you are always starting with a dead diabolo and there is no string wrapping it around like a yoyo). But there are many tutorials for it.


This thread also reminded me of an insane video I saw around 2009 that I’m having trouble finding online anymore. It used Wax Tailor’s The Tune as background music which is how I remember it all these years later. Give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean lol (fair warning: it’s quite the earworm)

Anyways, this was the page for the video titled “M4U - The Tune”

And this was a forum thread discussing it

But the YouTube link is broken and the juggling.tv link doesn’t load anything for me on mobile at least. I swear I watched it as recently as a few years ago. I might have it saved on an old hard drive, so I guess I’ll finally have to dig it out and check whats on it.

ETA: never mind I missed there was a download link at the bottom of the juggling.tv link! I’ve rehosted it on YouTube.

ETA2: the video was copyright blocked for the song :upside_down_face:

Here it is on Vimeo.


I just got around to watching the video in OP and holy cow :exploding_head:


First yoyo i ever played!

Diabolo is quite similar to 4a, and in fact has very little learning curve to it. Its stage appeal is undeniable, covering a larger visual area with both size and actvity.

Like @attj said, the biggest part is initiating the spin, after that you can learn at a good pace (even more so if you already throw :wink:)



I didnt see one mistake! That was pretty insane.

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Here he is 2 years later in 2016

So insane. I absolutely love yoyoing, but I have to say this is more visually impressive in my eyes.


I love diabolo! I played a super cheap diabolo over last Summer vacation, and I remember having a lot of fun with it until it broke. Still haven’t got me a new one to mess around with but it is definitely in my wish list!