Wood... (And Diabolo)

Some questions…

What is the best fixed axle wooden yoyo for looping?

^ for stalls?

^ for sleep times?

Also, what is a good, cheap Diabolo? I know, like, nothing about Diabolos, so any help would be nice.

Diabolos are pretty simple, just get a normal looking one, and avoid the ones with triple bearings, they are designed to only spin one way which makes them easier to get going but wont’ do “elevator” and won’t spin much at all if you go the wrong way.

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I know tons about diabolos.
Get a Sundia Sun.
The weight gives it above average spin, compared to most diabolos.
and the Rubbery cup material is phenomenal.
If you want lighter, find a Sundia Nimble diabolo, or a Taibolo.
The best choice for lighter is a Glary Taibolo.

Go for carbon fibre handsticks, I thin Taibolo has the most solid ones. The short ones are way less prone to snapping, and Id say Henrys string. Sunida string is only good, if you do not use it outside. My Favoirte string is Taibolo White string.
Don’t ever Buy 100m of string at once. always start with smaller amounts to test first.

The Finesse diabolo is way too rubbery.
and the Circus is ridiculously heavy. and too expensive to constantly modd.

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any tips on where to learn tricks from, I’m having trouble finding anything as good as the learn section here is for yo-yos? 'cause it’s been a long tine since I’ve done much diabolo-ing, (I used to play it heaps back when I was in school, and couldn’t yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: )

Honestly? Youtube.
Best learning tool there is!
this is me.
Skip to 1:45 The first kid, is my student.(And My Former instructor xD Twist of fate)

This is a crappy performance, but i have no other ones recorded :confused:

oh well, I guess we’re kind of spoiled here aren’t we :stuck_out_tongue: and don’t be too hard on yourself, you might have screwed up a fair bit, but the stuff that worked… I couldn’t count the number of expletives and profanities that came out of my mouth.