diabolo or spintop?

My dad is gave me about 60$ for getting
good grades,but I need help deciding to
get a diabolo or some spintops.
Can I get some advise?

for the fact that diablos seems most close to yoyos i would say get a spin top or get a like spin top and diablo

i personally love diaboloing not so much spin top.
get diabolo.

With 60 bucks you may be able to get both. :wink:

Finesse and a duncan bearing king, get both and you will be good to go.
Dont go for the cheap stuff in diabolo, go right to something decent like a finesse or sundia sun, you will greatly benefit from this. Bearing king will last you a long time as well,
Good to go.

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what you said

Definitely get a Finesse. For learning use fixed axle, it will make you play a lot better. I have a Sundia Fly and still differ to my Finesse for many tricks (less vertax and grinds) But seriously, get a Finesse and a nice pair of sticks. And if you have the cash, Henrys string, I can not go in to enough detail about how epic Henry’s Diabolo string is.

Well actually, im getting a sundia fly (long bearing),with
carbon handsticks and string.
p.s. I allready know how to diabolo and spintop ,and
I have a collection of each. :slight_smile:

i ggotta give it to spintop all the way on that one dude ;D