Diablo help please

Well here’s the thing. I’ve played diablo before from Chinese school, but when I quit that place, I totally stopped. Now I’m thinking of starting again. Im thinking of getting a diablo for Intermediate. Or any others that are cheap and you can get on amazon or something. I looked at the Millenium and the Sidewinder, and those look pretty awesome.

What do you guys think? Which diablo should I get?

I have a Henry’s Vision, which is all I have right now, with aluminum Henry’s sticks. Ran me $40 for the package at BAC. Not an amazing deal but an amazing starter package. If you want to save money, just get use the included wood sticks, they’ll be fine.

I know YYE wants to get into this market, but until they do, out of respect for YYE, PM me and I’ll send you a link to a place that has them for now. However, if YYE has some in stock, maybe they’ll contact you and sell it to you directly. The price should be around $25 or so.

I’m looking to get a second that has a one-way bearing, and another with a triple bearing that I can do some mods to. I think after that, maybe some more sticks and I’m probably set for a long time.

it spelled *diabolo

and also im a teacher at my chinese school

i must say Henrys, although a good brand
is not as good ands taiwanese diabolos which are the beast of the market

depending weather you enjoy a fast light diabolo

or a heavier diabolo

you would want a Taibolo V2, Glary taibolo, or if bearing, the bearing taibolo.
they are light fast and very nice
i prefer these when doing multiple diabolos at a time due to weight

now the brand which i use for single diabolo play
Sundia, for Vertex play i personally enjoy the Sundia Fly, or sundia shinings
the Shinings are a bit heavier

and for normal play Sundia crystal suns are the most stable diabolo there is, and they look so beautiful!

for Sticks the short taibolo carbon handsticks would be most advised, as they are much more durable and are light so easy maneuverability.

for string, White taibolo string is the best ive EVER used.

If you need links just send me a PM

Sundia makes without a doubt the best bearing diabolos, but they are expensive… extremely good, but expensive.

For fixed I still prefer Babache Finesse (whatever the current generation is, I have 4th gen) or the standard henry’s circus (perhaps with mod hubs).

If you’re just looking for something inexpensive and easy to learn on, Duncan Phoenix. They’re like $20-25 and they’ll get you started… they’re durable and you can use either fixed or bearing mode.