What Diabolo?

Well, my bro is board alot. He is always begging me to play with him. I do play with him every now and then but he really has nothing to do by himself (execpt read but no matter how many books he gets from the library he always runs out. Besides, an all reading diet isn’t good for you). But yoyoing isn’t really his thing. I suggested he get a diabolo. I tried playing toss and catch with him (4a yoyo style) but he wasn’t that good and it was more work than fun (he did better than I excpected though. So the main question, what diabolo should he get. I don’t know much about them but we’ve been looking at a duncan phoenix. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Nothing over $30 please.

go to yoyoplay.com they have a huge selection of diabolos

Phoenix’s are a great beginner diablo. I am not a very good diabloer but this definantly fits me, and I can do some tricks. It sounds just about perfect for your brother! Works great!