Much Flailing, and Choking- Diabolo

Hey guys! Hopefully you click on this and give it a watch!
I wanna see how you guy like my Diabolo style too :wink:

Sick you make me wanna give it a try!!


Do it man! I’d hate to be alone haha!


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Bump! :slight_smile:

nice shirt and skills

Coolest diaboloing I’ve seen! I’ve been wanting to pick one up but don’t know what to get! I have a really old crappy one right now and I can’t do much with it. Neither can my friend who’s good with diabolos.

I likes this video so mich that I added “a begginer diablo” to my wants list.

Nice work! I cant diabolo myself. I need to learn :D.

(p.s who was the dude in the second clip waving his hand up and down? 0.o

First *Diabolo
Haha! Always makes me cringe :slight_smile:

And For you 2 who wanna try it.
PM me! I can help you guys out with gear etc! :smiley:

Anddd Shen. My sister was yelling at my step siblings xD
They’ve been sheltered and aren’t used to chores so the house is always a mess. I was done cleaning after them and so was she, so that explains that xD