Why isn’t diabolo talked about!?

This is crazy, almost like a combination of 5a, 4a, and maybe a little Kendama? Really neat, and quite entertaining to watch!


It’s kind of like the first rule of fight club.


I was just thinking this. I recently started learning 4a, and was interested in it’s similarities to diabolo play. Diabolo is so interesting to watch, too. I’d like to see if I can do a version of the infinite suicide in 4a with a counter weight on the string, or something. That trick just looks super satisfying.


Never seen it…

That’s what I’m saying, there seems to be a lot of similar elements between them!

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To be honest Diabolo isnt well promoted , I still find problems getting high Quality diabolo equipment like from Sundia and they only sell locally and for international orders their site doesnt have much information to help , if they had categories on juggling sites (our equivalent to yoyoexpert) or diabolo guides like yotricks for sure much people would do diabolo !


Diabolo and chunkake have a Lot of similarity… Both of them are unknown in my universe…

But again, no one really knows about it yoyo either…

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It’s primarily a Chinese thing I think. I know a lot of Chinese people and some Chinese friends that can do it casually but pretty much nobody outside of that.

Also, I think there was someone that said Hajimes freestyle was pretty much mostly a bunch of basic diabolo elements :sweat_smile:

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The first rule of diablo club is you don’t talk about diablo club.

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Hahaha got it… I’m dumb lol

diabolo is so awesome and i think soloham players frequently take inspiration from it

The only diabolo player I know by name is Mochi, who was on America’s Got Talent last year.

I’ve probably watched 10 videos of it by now, it’s pretty awesome what they do!